Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is There A Good Tractor In The House?

Tuesday, October 13: Fulton, MO-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
This morning I found out that Culpepper Merriweather closed 5 days early on account of the lousy weather and consecutive bad attendance. 

Casey, Ryan, Radar, and I found a good diner where we had breakfast. Later on we were right next door at the laundromat with Natalie.
While my clothes were washing I went for a walk and found a used book store. I picked up a few biographies that tickled my fancy.

Ryan and I were distraught when we discovered that our hot water was once again not working. Luckily the hot water for the shower on the other side of the truck is working again, so it looks like we will be using it for the remaining 11 days.

We had small crowds for the shows. It was misting rain for the first performance, and then it started coming down harder during the second show.

Ryan and I were standing in the marquee during the first show waiting for the sink gag to start. John Moss was thanking the sponsors, and we still had the hula hoop act to go before us.
All of a sudden John began what suspiciously sounded like the intro to the sink gag.
"I have one more unusual announcement. We are in need of....a tractor."
He was asking the audience if anyone knew a farmer with a tractor who the show could hire to pull us off the lot in the morning.
Until he said tractor he really had us going; we weren't sure if the hula hoops weren't working or not. Even though we were in costume, in position, and had all our props, we about had heart attacks!

Rachel Bellman, a new friend of mine, came to the second show. We actually visited with Rachel's mother when we were in the valley of Texas early in the season.
After tear down I went out to eat with Rachel at the same diner where I had breakfast. While we were inside it started raining harder, and by the time I got back to the lot it was a wet, muddy mess.

October 15-Camdenton, MO October 16-Wheatland, MO October 17-El Dorado Springs, MO

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