Saturday, October 10, 2009


Friday, October 9: Troy, IL-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

This morning's lot was very soft, so a lot of people had to be pulled on by a rented tractor, which didn't show up on time. I was lucky since Jan was parked on the road alongside the lot.

Ryan and I walked two miles to get breakfast at Cracker Barrel; it rained the whole way there and the whole way back. We were pretty wet and miserable by the time we were done.

As soon as we got back to the lot, we went with the Cainan family to go shopping. We hit a Borders, some shops by the mall, and a K Mart.

The whole morning, all I could think about was how nice a hot shower was going to feel. We didn't have any water yesterday because of our unscheduled day off, so I was in need of proper bathing. 

Imagine my dismay and disgust when I discovered that (once again) our heating element had burned out. I then discovered that the shower on the other side of the generator truck didn't have hot water either. 

I had to settle for a luke warm bucket bath; I put the electric heater in front of my bucket and then added in some boiled water.

It worked alright, but I still felt nasty.

We had decent sized crowds for the shows, and they liked the gags, which was a plus. The downside was that the back yard was torn up and mud was everywhere. 

In the first tiger chase I was being very careful while entering the tent so I wouldn't slip. Once I was sure that I would have better footing I started to run. I slipped on my first step and fell; luckily I caught myself with my hands. Unfortunately the tiger paws got mud all over them. I was none too pleased about that.

Radar's family came to see the second show; we talked with them for a bit during Intermission.

By the end of the show the backstage was a miserable mess thanks to all the human and animal traffic.

I needed an escape tonight, and luckily Casey, Ryan, and I got one. We drove to a movie theater and saw Zombieland. I LOVED IT!

I had so much fun at the movie and it made me feel so much better after such a yucky day.

Before heading back to the lot we stopped at Steak and Shake, where Supergirl had stopped in for an evening meal. A girl was sitting at the bar in full costume, complete with a sparkly, red cape.

I tipped one of the waiters to give her a Kryptonite shake...

October 11-Union, MO October 12-Warrenton, MO October 13-Fulton, MO

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