Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Ol' Switch A Roo!

Wednesday, October 21: Republic, MO-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

This morning Casey, Ryan, and I had breakfast with Lucky, Vicky, and Mr. North. There was nothing at all near the lot (or so we thought), so we ended up driving a long way before finding a place to eat. Mr. North was nice enough to pick up the bill at the conclusion of our meal.

Casey, Ryan, and I got incredibly lost on the way back to the lot, but once we got back on track, we realized that there was actually a ton of stuff right by the lot in the opposite direction of where we went. Figures.

At least we found a laundromat not too far away that Natalie took us to.

It was overcast today, but there was no rain...a miracle! Another plus was that we were playing on a nice grassy lot.

Sadly, we had very small crowds at the two shows, maybe 30 or so folks at each performance.

Because of that downer, we decided to switch things up a bit and have fun in the second show.

In the sink gag Ryan and I swapped wigs and played each others parts; I was the straight man, and Ryan was the idiot (just like in real life!).

I was nervous doing a different part after becoming so used to my actions and reactions after hundreds of shows, so I was very uptight during the gag.

When I kicked the pipe wrench out from under Ryan, I almost sent it flying into the audience. If the motorcycle's rigging hadn't been there, I would have taken out a couple of senior citizens in the front row.

At the end of the gag, when I knocked the foam faucet off the sink, I sent it flying all the way back to the band (and broke the foam in half), and then I about split Ryan's skull open with a PVC "pipe".

I would like to say that I enjoyed our little exercise in role reversal, but I was so concerned about my performance and our timing that I was very disappointed in myself after the gag.

At least Mr. North, Lucky, Vicky, Radar, and anyone else who saw the gag thought it was funny. The audience didn't laugh, but judging from their reactions to the rest of the show, I think that was a given.

At the BBQ we were going to watch the gag (which Casey videotaped), but I broke his camera's USB connection and the video is now trapped in limbo.


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Anonymous said...

See . . . .the grass is NOT always greener on the 'Other' side.
Sounded almost like it could have been fun - - but wasn't!

How did Ryan react to this role reversal? Did he handle it better than you?

Glad the audience was small.
Hate for you to lose you professional reputation. :-)

Will you two be doing any free-lance stuff over the Holidays or off season. f so, any place in Florida? Are you even going to be in Florida? Not sure where home base is for you guys.

Jon M Walker
Kissimmee, Florida.
(Trusting here the honesty of others here on this Blog by posting cell number-which I would not normally do. But things do seem to be a bit different here:
(812) 829-5924 anytime.