Saturday, January 16, 2010

How I Spent My Winter Vacation: A 3rd Grade Report By Steve Copeland

Hey everybody,

I'm writing to you from my trailer, sitting in the Cainans yard in Paris, TX, to report on my Winter Break (as if any of you actually care about me outside of the Kelly Miller setting).


My friends Trick and Tara Kelly, who made my yak clown wig ( came out to my brother's property so we could make a film to enter into a contest.
Steve Martin has a new banjo album out and he was having a contest to select the music video for one of his songs, "Wally On The Run".
The only criteria was that it had to be the length of the song and have a dog in it. We of course decided to implement clowns as well!

As a little insider joke I put on Bobby Kay's make up and Trick and Tara made a wig especially for the film.
The premise of the film was two clowns trying to catch a dog to claim a reward. Of course we threw in a pie fight at the end.

In the end we didn't win the grand prize. WE WERE ROBBED!!! You can be the judges yourselves. Watch the video:

and then ask yourself which is better, our video or the winner, a video of a dog running through different backgrounds for a minute and a half.

I saw a couple of shows in FL and GA. I saw Loomis Bros. Circus and Nojoe's Clown Circus. It was nice to see someone else perform for a change and to visit with friends.


For the third year in a row I drove up to Pennsylvania to perform in the Bill Hall Christmas tour as Stevie The Elf. I always have a great time on the show and enjoy the people I work with.
I was a little nervous this year since I was performing along side two comedy heavy weights, Johnny Peers and John Cassidy. Both have years of experience, tons of talent, and are freaking hilarious to boot.
Luckily I was able to hold my own and get some laughs, as well as learn every time I watched them work.

Before the tour started I shot up to NYC to visit friends. I had a great time and even got to see the new Big Apple show, which I greatly enjoyed.
The SSCBN (Society of Short Clowns Born on the 19th) was together for its first convention during this time and was looking for new inductees.

Steve Copeland, Josh Shack, Joy Powers, and Eric Allen with an honorary Society member.

The other highlight of my stay in Pennsylvania was a visit to the Monroeville Mall, the filming location of one of my favorite movies, Dawn of the Dead.
In 2008 Ryan and I visited and took lots of pictures of areas featured prominently in the movie. This year I got to check out the zombie exhibit that I had missed out on before.


Before heading out west to Winter Quarters, (a drive that I did all at once in 19 hours. I left at 8 a.m. Sunday morning and arrived at 2 a.m. Monday morning) I drove down to FL to visit the three Ringling shows. I caught the Blue Unit in Tampa, the Gold Unit in Ft. Myers, and the Red Unit in Miami.
I loved the Blue Show and think that it is the best show Ringling has put out in years. I also enjoyed the Gold Show and thought that it had some unique acts (my favorite: the singing aerialist). The Red Show is not my favorite, but I enjoyed it much more this time than when I caught it in Jacksonville last year.
I have a ton of pictures from the shows (all clowns). If you want to see them (and all the other photos from my Winter Break), just add me on Facebook (; I don't want to play favorites and just post a few on here.

Soon I will post a blog about Winter Quarters and give you a sneak peak at the new show.