Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 11-12: Brownsville, TX-6:00 p.m. & 8:30 p.m.

On Thursday morning Ryan, Jessi, and I set out to find Academy, a shop that we were told might sell locking carabiners. They did not.
Luckily we were able to scrounge together three of them thanks to contributions from Jessi and Becky.

We had a show meeting early this afternoon to cover rules, and then we had a brief finale rehearsal.

We intended to do a show run through, but we stopped at Intermission. Thankfully they let us run the Exterminator gag so we could do it full out one more time before our first show.

We had an average sized crowd for our first show of the season, and a small crowd for our second show of the evening.
The second audience had a lot more fun with us; the opening that Ryan and I do in the show is very informal and it allows us to establish a nice rapport with the people.
There's also a burp joke in it.

Other people have listed the show running order on their blogs, but I suppose I will do it here lest some people complain to me.

Opening- Me, Ryan, & John Moss
Tigers- Casey McCoy Cainan
Tiger Chase- Me & Ryan
Trapeze- Becky Ostroff (until the Ogle sisters arrive from Australia)
Camels- Mike Rice & Belly Dancers
Coloring Book Pitch
Juggling- Raul Olivares
Peanut Pitch
50's Opening- Me, Ryan, & John Moss
Hula Hoops- Showgirls with featured spot for Cathy Poema
Rola Bola- Fridman Torales & Courtney Heidenreich
Slide Table Gag- Me, Ryan, & Tatiana
Dogs- Natalie Cainan
Web- North Starlets


Walkarounds- Me & Ryan
Risley- The Poemas
Dogs & Pony- Carolyn Rice
Exterminator Gag- Me & Ryan
Elephants- Armando Loyal & The Ladies
Wind Up Elephant- Raul Olivares & Pinky
Fire Eating- Brian LaPalme
Finale- Cast

I would love to tell you more about the other acts, but as you can see, Ryan and I are in the show almost every other act! We spend a lot of time changing costumes during the show, and we have a couple of quick changes.
The good news is we aren't part of any pitches, and we don't have to sign coloring books during Intermission.
That time is spent rigging the exterminator gag and getting into our cumbersome third arm rigs for walkarounds.

I'd like to say that our opening night was a piece of cake, but the horrible mud in the back door and tent did not make it so.
Every prop, costume, and especially every pair of shoes was covered with mud; I guess it is a fitting way for us to start off the new season considering how last year went.
Not only was it muddy; there was also strong cold winds blowing and occasional rain throughout the night!

By the time we were done I was dead tired from such a physically and emotionally draining day. I did summon enough energy for a midnight shopping run over a H.E.B with Jessi. We celebrated the beginning of our season by making cookies and drinking hot toddies.

On Friday morning I borrowed Jessi's car to drive to McAllen so I could purchase some locking carabiners. I searched all over the Internet, and the only place I could find that carried them near Brownsville was the Green Beret store in McAllen, which is an hour away.

When I was just three miles from the store, Jessi's car started losing power. I was pushing the pedal to the floor, but the car just kept going slower and slower.
I crawled off the highway and into a dirt lot next to a frontage road. Once I had stopped I couldn't even get the engine to start back up again. I called Jessi, who borrowed Casey's truck to come get me.
Her car insurance had roadside assistance, so we had a tow truck come and take the vehicle to Pep Boys.
The problem was a blown alternator. Jessi left her car in McAllen, and we drove Casey's truck back to the lot just in time to eat dinner (yet another delicious meal from our cook, Brian LaPalme) and get ready for the first show.
We will go back to McAllen on Monday to get Jessi's car. It is a good thing too, because although I did make it to the Green Beret store, I managed to buy the wrong kind of locking carabiners...


There was an average sized crowd for the first show, and the tent was 3/4 full for the second show.
We had an off night for the slide table gag, and we have started tweaking bits in the exterminator gag. It is not as strong as the table act, but we plan to make it so.

The mud wasn't as bad today; it had time to dry when the sun decided to make an appearance.
Everything is still dirty though! I need to do some cleaning pretty soon.

The shows seemed much easier tonight. Part of it was the fact that there wasn't as much mud to tromp through. Another part of it was that I have started to find moments during the show where I can rest.
It is a little tough though because the generator truck is turned so you can't really hear the show unless you are standing right in the back door.

We had a little scare in the second exterminator gag; when I closed the lid of the box on Ryan's head, one of the squibs on the double barreled shot gun exploded.
I wish I could have seen my face!
As I stood there with Ryan's head stuck in a box and smoke billowing around me, I am ashamed to say that I made a fart joke.
The gag was also eventful because Ryan drew first blood of the season when he cut himself on the cable ladder.

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Brandi said...

Hi, I know this is an odd request but..if you are still in touch or could speak to Brian LaPalme, could you help me get in touch with him? I worked with him for a few summers in Connecticut and I really miss him dearly.