Monday, February 15, 2010

February 13-14: Brownsville, TX-3:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., and 8:30 p.m.

Ah, the first six pack of the season. As much as six packs are a pain in the neck, at least this one is at the beginning of the season when everyone has fresh energy. Also, what better way to get all the kinks out of the show than running it three times a day!

On Saturday I spent a good amount of time outside enjoying the warm, sunny weather. I took a bucket of water and a rag with me so I could clean off my clown shoes and costumes that had gotten a lot of mud on them.

We had an almost full crowd for the first show. I had a good laugh at the end of the exterminator gag at Ryan's expense.
When Ryan is bungeeing from the beehive, I pull out a double barreled shotgun (bought from the Greg DeSanto collection [talk about big comedy shoes to fill]) and fire off two shots.
One shot sends down a bunch of rubber chickens (because if Spike Jones taught us anything, it is that rubber chickens fall from the sky when a gun is fired) and the second shot sends Ryan crashing to the ground.
Well, that is the way it is supposed to happen!
When I fired the first shot, only a few chickens dropped. I fired the second shot and Ryan plummeted to earth. As he was getting up all the rest of the chickens came down on top of him!
If only we could get it to work that way every show!

The sky clouded over during the first show, so we didn't get a full day to enjoy the sunshine.

We had full houses for both the second and third shows. In the tiger chase of the third show I was a human pinball.
First I hit a guy wire with the tiger head; I turned around and started threatening it, which got a big laugh.
I was standing on a few ring curbs when I motioned to Ryan for us to do another run around. As I stepped down, my foot got caught in between two ring curbs and I wiped out onto my back, which got another big laugh from the audience (and Ryan, who could barely hold it together for the rest of the chase).
If doing the tiger chase has taught me anything, it is that people love to see mascots get hurt.

We had an awesome slide table gag in the first half of the third show, but we had an off second half. Oh well, you can't win them all.

Once we were done I went over to the H.E.B to buy sushi so Jessi and I could celebrate the end of the three show day properly.

On Sunday a group of us were going to go to IHOP for breakfast, but Casey saw long lines out the door when he scouted the location earlier in the morning.
I decided that I was too lazy to walk two miles and then stand in line for stuffed French toast, so I stayed at the lot to enjoy cookhouse, which is excellent this year.

I was really feeling the drain of the six pack early this afternoon, so I took a nap before our first show. It turned out to be a smart move; I felt great all day.

We had a full first show; after it was over Ryan and I were putting away our rigging from the exterminator gag when a few fans from last year came over to catch me for some photos and some time to talk. It's nice to be remembered....favorably.

Our second show was full as well. Unfortunately the wiring in the shotgun and the gimmick to release the rubber chickens both went on the fritz, so we had to do a quick rewrite of the end of the exterminator gag until we can get the supplies to fix those problems.
Also, as we were carrying the slide table out in the first half, two of the legs fell off!
Luckily the prop guys ran over and fixed the legs while Ryan and I improvised in the front of the ring until the problem was solved.
Boy am I glad we have those guys watching our backs! Looks like we will be busy fixing things tomorrow.

The second show was just an off show for us. Thankfully, the third show (which was almost full) was a great one.
We cut some bits out of the exterminator gag which really helped the pacing. Tomorrow we are going to implement some more changes. Once we get those in effect and get the gun and chickens back, I think we are going to have a heck of a gag!

Casey and Natalie came over to the trailer tonight to watch embarrassing old footage of me clowning as a kid. The liquor that Casey brought over was much needed for me to endure the torture.

While we were hanging out, the wind picked up out of nowhere and blew in a storm. Casey and Natalie ran back home to put the dogs away.
The wind continued all through the night, rocking the trailer.
Isn't it sad that I needed the wind to make my trailer rock on Valentine's Day?!


Anonymous said...

Could be worse-- at least you have a trailer . . .

Bruce the Clown

Radar said...

Sad? Yes.
Surprising? No.

Alex Zaprudsky said...

Meh, Valentine's Day is overrated. . . I spent it alone over a box of lo mein.

Anonymous said...

Six pack, schmick pack. A little blood. A little smoke in the eyes and ringing on the ears. A little sore. A lot of mud.

Ain't Showbiz grand!

Looking forward to seeing the Steve & Ryan Show with fill-ins by the Kelly Miller Circus acts.

BTC baby!

Kenny Ahern

Crystal said...

I'm so glad the blog has started again...the half hour that I sit and catch up on blogs is the ONLY relaxation I get everyday. =) Thanks Steve-o