Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 22-23: San Benito, TX-6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

On Monday I woke up at 6:00 a.m. for the morning call but no one seemed to be awake. After I got dressed I went outside to investigate.
People were up, but everyone was still stuck in the mud, only a few feet from the road. Danny, who hadn't even gone to bed, and Leslie pulled everyone onto the road.
I once again crawled through the mud to get the chain around my front axel.

I was finally on the road by 7:30 a.m., and was at the San Benito lot after a short 15 mile drive.
The lot had standing water and mud, but not nearly as bad as what we came from. At least the tent was on gravel.

Nikki and Carla came over to have tea with me and Jessi until their house showed up. Once everything was parked, Ryan and I spent all day cleaning off our props and costumes in the sunshine.
It took us a good two or three hours to get everything mud free. I must not have reckoned on the power of the sun (after seeing so little of it in Brownsville), because I got a hellacious burn on the back of my neck.

Before the show I took a nap to add some more sleep time to the three hours I got last night (but, like I said, some people didn't even get to go to bed, so I can't really complain!).

We had a decent sized crowd at the first show; I couldn't believe how much easier everything was without having to wade through yards of ankle deep mud!

We had a smaller crowd for the second show. One man in the front row was stoically watching the table act with his arms crossed the whole time. When he didn't clap for us during our bows, Ryan (who plays the goof in the act) jumped into the seating section and pulled a Peter Pitofsky, ravaging the poor man senseless.
Reports say that the man was having a great time while watching the exterminator gag in the second half.

The pump truck was going to empty sewage tanks after the shows, but it got stuck after servicing the first trailer. We observed the whole ordeal from our BBQ.

On Tuesday morning Gonzo attempted to empty my tank, but it is still clogged. He poured half a jug of chemical in the tank and told me that he would try again tomorrow.

Jessi, Nikki, and I went to the Harligen mall with the Cainans this afternoon. It wasn't a very good mall, but I did pick up a new video game and a couple of shirts (Casey and I actually purchased the same shirt, so I kept making jokes about how one day we are going to match).

Back at the trailer I played my new game, Aliens Vs. Predator, and stayed indoors. The wind really picked up and was blowing like crazy. The temperature also dropped considerably; to put it lightly, it was pretty freakin' cold!

I stayed inside until I absolutely had to leave to start the first show, which had an average sized crowd. Even though there weren't a lot of them, they had a ton of energy.

During the tiger act the generator started billowing out black smoke, and just moments later we had our first power outage of the year, during the tiger act.
Within just a minute or so (which I'm sure seemed even longer for Casey), the electricians had routed everything to the back up generator in the pole truck.

We had a small crowd for the second show; loading our props throughout the show was very easy due to a) the lack of terrible mud b) having my truck unhooked and c) being so close to the back door.

We had power all night since it was freezing outside. Damn Canadians leaving the door to the country open....

Show Location: McAllen, TX through February 28


DanTheBooker said...

WOW March 28th, gotta love those 1 month and five day stands! Just kidding! Stay Dry!

Steve Copeland said...

Good call