Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wednesday, February 10: Brownsville, TX

Jessi and I got up early this morning so we could go to Home Depot and Lowe's and pick up some equipment needed for the exterminator gag rigging.
Unfortunately our trip was in vain, because we bought the wrong things. Later on in the day Danny went back with me to Lowe's so we could exchange some things.
I ended up making a third trip to Lowe's to exchange even more equipment. Thank God for Danny and Tavana; they have helped us so much with figuring out this stupid gag!

There were rehearsals going on in the tent from 8 a.m. until midnight. If Ryan and I weren't in the ring working our gags with Lucky, Vicky, and John, then we were bugging Danny about our rigging needs.

Everything went very well for us in rehearsal. We found ways to make the exterminator gag less dependent on other people, which I think will help us immensely in the long run.

Jessi is doing web before Intermission, and she dragged me into the number to be her web setter (grumble grumble). As Carolyn Rice and Becky Ostroff coached me on the finer points of web setting, I realized that I had never felt more unprepared for something in my life!

Before we called it a night, Ryan and I did another rehearsal of our opening with Vicky since there were so many music cues.
We were in a very loopy mood after working our butts off all day, so we were pretty wild on the microphones (that's right, microphones! We are on mic for the opening...what a terrible idea!). We were cracking each ourselves up, not to mention the folks watching; it was a nice way to blow off some steam.


Dick Dykes said...

Glad to see you guys back.
Keep ou the good work this season!

Radar said...

No school theme for this title? First "My Third Grade Report" and then "Reagonomics" lol

Bill Prickett said...

Congratulations on your new house. Best wishes for the new season. Hope to see show in Illinois

Harry Kingston said...

Great to see you started you great blog back and keep it coming.
What no more sleeping up front in a generator truck.
I know you will enjoy your wheels now.
When you saw Vasquez what size house did they have the night you all visited???
Have a great season with no rain lets hope.
Harry in Texas