Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 8-9: Heber Springs, AR and Mountain View, AR-4:30 p.m. & 7:30 p.m.

On Wednesday morning my ducks woke me up early crying for food. Ah, the joys of parenthood!

Ryan and I unloaded our props and then watched a couple of episodes of The State. Later I took advantage of my parking location and left the lot to get fuel and do laundry.

The lot in Heber Springs had a difficult set up: all the trailers were separated from the tent by a barbed wire fence. On top of that, the tent layout was strange because of the back curtain's placement in relation to the ring.

We had a small crowd for the first show; they didn't make it easy for us either. There was a group of pre teens that heckled us during all the quiet parts of opening.
We had an even smaller crowd for the second show, and both audiences were pretty dead.
All in all, not a good circus day.

I have it pretty easy for the next couple of days, because Jessi is in LA at a Cirque Du Soliel audition. That meant that after the table act, I had time to catch my breath until Intermission instead doing web.

On Thursday we had a 6:30 a.m. call for our hilly, curvy, 41 mile jump to Mountain View.
We were playing on the town fairgrounds and it was a beautiful day, albeit with a chilly breeze blowing.

Last night one of the wheels came off the exterminator gag cart; Ryan did a quick fix on it today by keeping the wheel on with a hose clamp. That of course meant that we had to carry the cart into the ring for the shows.

Ryan and I spent most of the day repairing the beehive. Two of the tiers were separating from each other due to the way the weight is distributed when the beehive hangs in the air. We made the bond between the two sections stronger with fabric and lots of latex.
The rest of our time before the shows was spent making squibs.

We had a full first show, and they were a good crowd as well. We cut our opening down today; I really like the changes. It now has a lot more energy and is less "alienating" and "depressing" (Ryan's words).

I thought we had put our beehive repairs behind us for the day, but I was wrong! As I took it into the tent during Intermission, one of the points where it hangs came out!
Ryan and I quickly fixed the problem and got the gag rigged.

We had another full house for the second show. It was great to have a good night after yesterday's let down.

April 13- Corning, AR
April 14- Dexter, MO
April 15- East Prairie, MO

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