Friday, April 16, 2010

Duck Growth Report: Week 3



Hi Steve:

What a great picture of you holding Ralph and Norton. I am going to get them two little top hats and little white collars with red ties for the walkaround haha

They sure are growing, can't wait to see them up here in Michigan this season

Hoping good weather continues for the show!!!!!


Susabelle said...

I be a-lovin' their hair-dos! LOL Ducks grow so funny, they get their grownup feathers in patches.

DanTheBooker said...

I never noticed the crests. Congrats on owning a rare breed! LOL

Valerie said...

Hi Steve --

My name is Valerie Hahn - we saw your 5:30 show last night in Ste. Gen and loved it. I'm supposed to tell you hello from Karen Hinrichs (not sure how she knows you, but she gave me your blog address - she was a Ringling Brothers clown for a couple years and I think worked for Clyde Beatty) Anyway, I was high school friends with her sister Kathi.
We'll be sure to come back when you guys return to the area - my parents live in Ste. Gen and treated us and the grandkids.
Hope you get a chance to enjoy St. Louis - make a field trip to the City Museum if you can.

Take care-


Steve Copeland said...

Hey Valerie,

Glad you liked the show.
Please tell Karen I say hello too the next time you talk to her.
City Museum is awesome, but I don't think I'll be making it there this go around.
Maybe later in the year.

mjs said...

holy crap look at their adorable poofs!