Monday, May 3, 2010

April 29-30: Palestine, IL & Mt. Carmel, IL-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

On Thursday we had a 5:30 a.m. call for our 92 mile jump to Palestine. We were playing on a grass lot and it was a sunny day.

All three bungees inside the beehive snapped last night, so Ryan and I came up with a back up blow off to the exterminator gag.

We had a full first show. The exterminator gag was full of unintentionally funny moments for me and Ryan.
First, the prop guys didn't put our crash mat in the ring since Ryan wasn't going to be bungeeing. Once the gag had started, they realized that we still wanted the mat, so they slid it in behind us as we were doing our first fall, a slow back fall. This cracked us up to no end.

Next, we got an unintentional laugh out of our new ending. The plan was for Ryan to take the shotgun from me after I point it at his face, and then kick me in the butt. Angered, I would kick Ryan in the butt, causing him to fire the gun into the air, causing the beehive to plummet to the ground.
That's how it was supposed to happen!

We attached the beehive to a rope, which we ran from the top of the tent to a pole at the side of the ring. The rope was then tied off to be dropped when the gun was fired.
Since we didn't get a chance to test the proper height at which to raise the beehive, it reached the end of its descent a few inches off the ground and hovered there.
Also, Jessi (who was helping us with the drop), didn't realize how soon the ending of the gag was coming and had to rush to untie the rope. This caused the beehive to drop in slow motion with frequent stops.
All you can do in situations like that is laugh!

We had another full house for the second performance, and the new ending to the exterminator gag went off without a hitch.
Our new bungee should be arriving in Monday's town, and then the gag can go back to "normal".

On Friday we had a 6:30 a.m. call for our 47 mile jump to Mt. Carmel. We were showing on a grass lot and it was an overcast day.

Jessi, the twins, and I drove to downtown and perused the antique shops. We also got lunch at a local restaurant.
After we dropped Nikki off at the lot to do her rigging, Jessi, Carla, and I continued on to Goodwill and Wal Mart.

We had an almost full first show. The audience wasn't having much fun, but it was so humid that I can't really blame them!

We had a full second show; a band was playing/rehearsing in a building next to the tent, and they were blasting their music at an obnoxious decibel level.
I was on the other side of the lot from the building and could feel the bass vibrations. They finally shut up during the second half.

The second show was cut down so everyone could get off the lot and avoid getting stuck from the big storm that was headed our way.
A lot of folks went to Wal Mart in the next town over to park, but I decided to stay on the road by the lot. It was a decision I regretted since the band resumed its playing and didn't knock it off until past 11:oo p.m.

The storm finally hit around 1:00 a.m.; it was vicious enough to wake me up.

May 5-Pittsboro, IN
May 6-Covington, IN
May 7-Lebanon, IN

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Anonymous said...

Never a dull moment, huh, guys? You make me wish I were twenty years younger.

Alberto Ramirez Jr.