Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 1-3: Westminster, MD, Shiloh, PA, & Strasburg, PA-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

On Tuesday we had a 6:00 a.m. call for our 32 mile jump to Westminster, MD. My brakes were giving me trouble on the drive, so I asked Castro to check them out for me.
We were playing on a grass lot and it was a beautiful day.

After investigating my truck, Castro found out that I had been driving with my parking brake on. I set it over a week ago when my engine started overheating on a steep hill. I pushed it back in, but apparently not all the way. Casey thinks that is why my tire rods bent.
Even worse was the discovery that I was almost out of oil. Castro estimated that if I had driven just one more day, I would have ruined my engine.
I guess I should start checking my oil like a smart person...

We had a 3/4 full first show. There was a brand new, shiny ring mat to greet us during the performance; definitely a well needed surprise.

Some members of the Free State Clown Alley #30 came again to visit tonight. This time they actually got to sit down and watch the show.
As a free roll they brought steamed crabs, cream puffs, and oil for my truck. Hallelujah!

We had a good sized crowd at the second show, and after it was over we enjoyed our steamed crabs at the BBQ.

On Wednesday we had a 5:30 a.m. call for our 81 mile jump to Shiloh, PA. I almost ran out of fuel; every time I exited the Interstate to fill my tank, I couldn't find a station with diesel.
Finally I found a gas station outside of town that fitted my needs; it would be nice if I could have a day without a vehicular headache.

The generator truck had problems on the jump and didn't arrive at the lot until much later than the rest of the vehicles.
We were playing on a grass lot and it was a sunny day.

Ryan and I finished up our work on the jukebox gag revision and then we walked into town to get some lunch and go shopping.

There was a small crowd for the first show, and a decent sized crowd for the second performance. Dick Flint came to visit today, and brother photographers, Jason and Justin Senft, watched the first show. They also took pictures of me putting on my make up.

Jason King was visiting today after doing a circus date in Philly. He had three of Carson & Barnes' elephants with him, so they joined forces with our herd and gave the audiences today a six elephant act.
The second attempt went smoother than the first.

Dick Flint joined us for our BBQ after the shows.

On Thursday we had a 6:30 a.m. call for our 40 mile jump to Strasburg. The tent and show trucks were set up on a small, soft, grass lot while the rest of us were parked on higher, more solid ground.
The only downside was that we were all on the opposite side of the tent from the back door.

Ryan and I rehearsed the Jukebox Gag Version 3.0 in preparation for its debut in the shows tonight.

We had a small crowd for the first show, and it was incredibly hot and humid, especially in the tent!

The new jukebox gag went fine, I am glad that we got it in before Mr. North left for Ireland.
In the table act Tatiana felt very sick; I was feeling awful too at the start of the second show. There was an average sized crowd in the tent.

Only a few acts before the table act, we found out that Tatiana wasn't going to be performing in it.
We decided that Delena was not quite ready to be thrown in, so we pulled a shorter, two person slide table act out of our butts.
Luckily it went well and the audience seemed to really like it.

At Intermission Ryan and I were leaving the tent when an awful storm hit. The thunder was crashing, the lightning was flashing, the wind was gusting, and the rain was pouring down. I ran all the way back to my trailer, getting drenched in the process, only to discover that the rain was blowing into the back of my truck and the props in there were getting soaked.
I closed everything up and then shut all the windows in my trailer. I waited for awhile to see if the rain would die down; when it didn't, I put my walkaround costume in a plastic bag and covered myself with an old jacket (all the while wishing that I had an umbrella).
I made another mad dash for the bandstand and arrived with water dripping from my soaked t-shirt and clown boxers.

Luckily the big walkaround props were already stored in the bandwagon. When John told us to cut walkarounds, Casey said we could put the props in the back seat of his pick up.
Ryan grabbed my snake prop and I ran out ahead of him to open the truck door. We couldn't get the prop in because of the baby seat, so we decided to just run the prop to my truck anyway, since it was already getting drenched.

Just then Casey ran over and told us that they were going to cut the exterminator gag instead and they wanted us to do walkarounds.
Meanwhile, the storm raged on with no sign of stopping. Adrian Poema hurt his knee when he slipped in the water running to the back door, so the risley act was out.
Ryan and I did (our very wet) walkarounds after Carolyn's dog act, and then we started hauling our props to the truck.

Luckily the storm died down as the show ended, so we were done getting soaked for the evening.
As we were walking through the tent after the show with our props, we noticed how flooded the ground was. A lot of water came down in a very short amount of time.
Now I understand why they wanted all the trailers up on higher ground. Everything around the tent had to be dragged off the grass via tractor.

June 10 and 11-Plumsteadville, PA

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