Monday, June 21, 2010

June 12-13: Ringoes, NJ & Emerson, NJ-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

On Saturday we had a 6:30 a.m. call for our 24 mile jump to Ringoes, NJ. Hello again jug handles and full service gas stations.

We were playing on a beautiful, grass lot and it was a sunny day.

Both shows today had average attendance; the humidity was terrible. Ernest Albrecht came to see the first show to write a review for his circus magazine, Spectacle.

To keep ourselves going in the second show, Ryan and I did the "ART CARNEY!" gags.
Every chance we had, we would scream, "ART CARNEY!" at each other just like Gleason did for his show's bows.

Sometimes it is the little things in life....

On Sunday we had a 5:30 a.m. call for our 86 mile jump to Emerson. We were on a small, tight lot and it was an overcast day.
Half of the show was parked three blocks away from the lot; that did not make folks happy. I was one of the lucky ones parked by the tent.

I had been e-mailing for a short while with the Kline family; Joey Kline is a 12 year old, self taught clown.
His mother and I had been corresponding so we could set up a get together when the show played Emerson.
Joey, his mother, his father, and his twin sisters, came to the lot about two hours before show time so Joey could talk with me and Ryan about clowning.
His family was just as knowledgeable about clowning as he was, and it was refreshing to see how supportive they are of Joey. It was also nice that Joey is serious about his aspirations of being a clown.

I got the Kline family tickets for the first show, which was full, and Joey did finale with us.

Today was just chock full of visitors. Paul and Diane Gutheil were at both performances; Paul brought me and Ryan lots of great photos from when he saw the show last year.
Dan Berkley and Lisa Soverino showed up during the first show to visit. Dan, Ryan, and I all worked together in the Blue Unit Clown Alley, and Lisa was a lighting tech while Dan and I were still on the show.

It started raining before the second show. Dan's father, mother, and grandmother came to see that performance, which was almost full.
I was expecting a big group of clown friends for the show as well, but they got stuck in NYC traffic and didn't make it until halfway through the second half.

The America's Own gang caught a bus to downtown NYC tonight, but I stayed to visit with Dan, Lisa, and my friends that came from the city: Dave and Cherie Gregg, Marni, Alex, and Penny Zalban, and Dean Kelley.
We went to a restaurant to eat, drink, and watch the Tony's.

June 22 & 23-Berkley, MA
June 24 & 25-Pembroke, MA


Harry Kingston said...

Kelly Miller Circus as well as you two got reviewed on Showbiz Daves blog.
What have you got to say about it????

Steve Copeland said...

Hey Harry,

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.


Harry Kingston said...

I am for you all as what I saw it was all well done and I loved the show.
Especially you and Ryans clown routine as at least you are real clowns and not whistle blowers.
The bee hive was a real winner.

Anonymous said...

"Showbiz" Dave is far to New York than the mainstream audiences that this Kelly- Miller Circus was designed to play for. As taught in any college "Newspaper/Review" class -- you direct the subject of the discussion to the nature of the presentation and analyze the outcome based on the audience that it is designed for and is being presented to. What were their reactions? That's what counts.
(Vend sales count too-enjoyable show leads to great sales)
Mr. Pompous 'I live and die in New York" has long forgotten the "Rules of Review".
But then, since I never met the man and wouldn't know him in a crowd of one -- I'll just give
him the benefit of the doubt and hope that he soon grows up and learns to do his review business the correct way.
The review, written as a homework project, is invalid in so many points and style, that is not
worth tearing apart and pointing out errors. But as an assigned homework project, it sure would take a lot of RED pencil.

"The mindset was formed before the presentation was presented.
A very common problem with jaded reviewers who believe that only
the NY/East Coast Audiences know best" Not True!

Spencer, Indiana
"Home of the Square Donuts"

Jack Ryan said...


Just to be fair. ShowBiz David, whether you agree with him or not, is not from New York City. I believe he lives in Oakland, California. So all of the "East Coast bias" is your invention and invalid. Do your homework before you criticize.

I'm not sticking up for anybody. As a former journalism professor at the University of Southern California for twenty years, I know about "homework projects." David's review, like it or not (I have not seen the show so don't know) is far from a homework project. It's an honest evaluation of what he saw. You can agree or disagree. But the personal attacks on the reviewer show a lack of knowledge and come to conclusions that are in your own mind and not in reality.

Good luck with the square donuts. And, I am not a "pompous" New Yorker either.


marni said...

i am so sorry we ended up being so late - cherie couldn't stop raving about the show the whole way there. everything we saw was fantastic! the exterminator gag was clean and funny and had great focus. i haven't read the above-referenced review (and won't), but i AM from NY, and i know a good show when i see one!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Guys don't know no Showbiz Dave and with any due respect, never bothered much with reviews, just wanted to see for myself and form my own opinion....and my opinion of this year's Kelly-Miller Circus and the Real Clowns on the show is thumbs up, 4 stars, you should see it; I want to see it again.

Can't believe we missed all those good folks visiting in Emerson.

Paul Gutheil CFA and REAL Clown

PS Thanks for 2 great days of REAL Circus

Anonymous said...


Your comments are certainly valid and I duff my hat to you somewhat -- but as a 50 year plus retired card carrying Actors Equity Member (AEA)- I have a very jaded view of most reviewers jottings. Whatever coast he is from my "East Coast bias" comment was really met to be all encompassing to a type of mind-set most authors have. I have read a number of his reviews over the years and find a certain love/hate relationship in all of his reviews. He never sounds like a happy reviewer. There’s always has to be something negative or at best borderline negative.

Then again I take offence for any presentation when the reviewer seems to think that he can direct it better. This is not to say that he is "a little right" on some things there at Kelly-Miller, but one doesn’t just buy a ticket and then tear things apart to any degree.

Oh well Theatre is Theatre and the Circus is Circus. And as long as the audience enjoyed the show-- that's the true test of the pudding.

Jack - I read this and the others blogs religiously and I enjoy your comments and many posts of the past. So while we might disagree here -- that certainly doesn't make us enemies.


Jack Ryan said...


Of COURSE we're not enemies.

I respect your comments and, as I said, I was not going to bat for anybody. Having not seen the current Kelly Miller show, it would be disingenuous for me to second guess a review of the performance.

As fate would have it, the reviewer happened to see the show on a very problematic day -- from what the KM folks say, Brewster, NY was truly a date from hell.

Reviews are just snapshots in time and one person's opinion.

Best wishes,