Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 14-17: Greenwood Lake, NY, Washingtonville, NY, Brewster, NY, Cortlandt Manor, NY-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

On Monday we had a 6:00 a.m. call for our 33 mile jump to Greenwood Lake, NY. The drive had its share of nerve wracking hills and turns that kept my blood pressure up.

We were playing on a grass lot and it was an overcast day. Ryan and I checked out a few places in town: the embroidery shop (to look into having Steve & Ryan shirts made to sell), a hardware store (to buy a pool for my ducks), and the post office.

My ducks went nuts for the pool; at first they were wary, not knowing what it was, but once they got into the water, they were having a blast!


My friends, Mark Carfora and Jay Lemos, who do clowning at some of Cole Bros.' engagements, came to see the first show today.
Mark made me an incredible two foot tall, animatronic Steve doll!


I was so grateful for such a unique gift!

A bunch of folks from Big Apple Circus came to see us today. Scott O'Donnell, who was my Boss Clown on Ringling for a year and a half, and is now the General Manager for Big Apple, was at the first show.
We had an almost full house, but the generator kept breaking down. The lights and sound were eventually hooked up to the secondary generator, but we trailers kept losing power all evening.

Several people pointed out to me during the first show that one of my trailer tires was flat; I am glad it happened now and not on a jump.

I was so glad Scott got to visit and watch us perform; he gave us some great, honest critiques.

We had a full second show; more Big Apple folks came, including Bello, Kevin Venardos (who was the ringmaster on Ringling while me and Ryan were there), and Georgia Stephenson (who was production manager my last tour on Ringling).

Kevin spent the night with the show so he could hang out with us. He came over to the BBQ where we had beer and buffalo wings.

On Tuesday we had a 6:30 a.m. call for our 19 mile jump to Washingtonville. This morning Castro inflated my flat so I could make it to the lot where he could change the tire.
We were playing on a grass lot and it was a sunny day.

I hung out with Kevin and Ryan a bit this morning before Kevin had to head back to Long Island. I went with Natalie, Radar, and Nikki to run some errands.
At Wal Mart I got two new tires for my trailer, and at TSC I got some food for my ducks.

Both shows tonight were almost full; our evening BBQ had interesting conversational arc. We started out with Disney World and Disney films and ended up on serial killers!

On Wednesday we had a 6:30 a.m. call for our 47 mile jump to Brewster. We had been told last night that today would be a problem lot, and we weren't disappointed!
Chris parked me and several other vehicles across the street from the lot until things could be figured out.
Carla and I went to get breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts before walking over to the lot to see what was going on.
There were a few protestors hanging around, including an ancient old woman who was standing by the road with a "Boycott The Circus" sign. By the end of the day, my thoughts were that she should have been protesting human rights!

Around 10:00 a.m. the few of us parked across the street were moved to the lot. The tent and most of the big show trucks were set up on raised astro turf; everything had to go up via ramps.
All the other vehicles and trailers were parked on the pavement going all the way back to the main road.
Since I was one of the last trailers to get spotted, I was parked in the front yard, very far from the tent. Danny helped me get my truck over to the back door so at least we would have our props nearby.

We had been told yesterday that there would be no water on the lot, so I prepared by conserving it.
What we weren't expecting was that half of the show would be taken off of generator power. The NY state inspector didn't want cables running to the trailers starting at a certain point (my trailer to be exact), because the audience would be walking to the tent past all our homes, and he didn't want anyone tripping.

I was beside myself with anger at the prospect of not having power again until 9:30 a.m. or so the next day. (Power was cut around 12:30 p.m.)

To calm myself down, I went for a walk with Ryan and we found a great sushi restaurant where we had lunch.

To add insult to the injury of taking my power away, the NY state inspector deemed it necessary to run fencing throughout the back yard, making a path to the back door.
This fencing blocked me from easily accessing my truck, and made the prospects of loading props and moving the truck back to my trailer after the shows not a pleasing one.

I swear that if I ever find out where the NY state inspector lives, I am going to fence in his truck and cut his power!

There were no tigers in the shows today because of the screwed up lot layout.
I had no time to rest in my trailer between acts. By the time I walked all the way home and changed, it was time to do my next act.

Despite these hassles, today was one of the best show days I have had all year. Both shows were full (a lot of good the protestors did!), both audiences were responsive, and in the second show the table act got the most laughs it has gotten all year.

After the shows Danny helped me get my truck down off the astro turf. I just had to wait for the camel rides to finish and the midway to clear before I could drive back to my trailer and hook up.
I was very happy to be finished with such a challenging day.

On Thursday we had a 6:30 a.m. call for our 20 mile jump to Cortlandt Manor. I was one of the last ones to leave the lot because I wanted Castro to ride with me and listen to the strange noise my truck has been making.
Naturally, on the morning when I wanted to hear the noise, there was nothing! Castro said that he must have scared the truck into working properly.

Even though it was only a 20 mile jump, it took forever due to all of the stop lights and early morning traffic through town.

Most of the trailers were spotted on a parking lot surrounding the small ball field where the tent was set up. It was very tight parking for everyone.

Both shows today were full, and the crowds were great; I am really going to miss these NY audiences.

June 26-Mendon, MA
June 27 and 28-N. Andover, MA

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