Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 24-25: Pembroke, MA-Day Off & 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

On Thursday we had a 6:00 a.m. call for our 46 mile jump to Pembroke. We were playing on a grass lot much lower than the surrounding ground.
I had to wait for everyone to arrive before I could get parked because there was only one small gate used as an entrance and exit, and I was going right by it.

Ryan, Tatiana, and I took my truck and drove the 20 miles to Boston. We parked down by Boston Harbor and walked all over the city.
We went to Fanueil Hall and Quincy Market for shopping and eating, and then we went to the North End so Ryan could show us where he lived as a baby.
We saw a friend of Ryan's, Lucky Bob, finish up one of his juggling shows at Fanueil Hall. Ryan and Bob worked together in Japan a few years ago.

We met up with Armando, his family, and the Fuscos (once again, sort of redundant as they are all related) and revisited some of the same areas before having dinner.
I was so full from all of the food we had already eaten that I didn't have anything but water. It was an incredibly hot and humid day, but rain came down for awhile and cooled everything off.

Before leaving we quickly visited Boston Commons, but since it was getting dark and we were tired from our 8 hours of walking, we decided to return to the truck and head back to Pembroke.
It was a great way to spend the day off.

On Friday Ryan and I went to the mall in Hanover. I was experiencing a "quarter life crisis", so I dyed my hair!
When I was done, the hair dresser said, "Well, that is interesting."
I laughed and replied, "That's one word for it!"

Before leaving I went to a tire shop to get the rim put on my other spare trailer tire, since it needed to be changed.

Both shows today had good business. While Ryan was bungeeing in the first bee gag, he yelled at the top of his fall, sending some saliva spraying. As he bounced back up it went into his eye. So Ryan successfully spit into his own eye.

Rick Cobban, a former Blue Show clown, and Dan Baltulonis, Senior Marketing Director for Cole Bros., saw both shows, and we got to visit with them between and after the performances.


Anonymous said...

Steve you should where your hair like that for one of the shows

EleFanOhio said...

Don't knock the look SteveO! Get it... kNock the look. hahahahahaha