Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May 24-27: Wellsville, OH, Waynesburg, PA, McHenry, MD, & Midland, MD-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

On Monday we had a 5:30 a.m. call for our 90 mile jump to Wellsville, OH. We were playing on a grass lot and it was a sunny day.

Ryan and I watched the original version of "Clash of the Titans" while making up funny names for the mechanical owl character, Bubo.
We then wrote a new version of the jukebox gag per Mr. North's request.

Before the first show started a couple of homeboys traipsed through the backyard with their pants around their ankles. Ryan and I followed suit, dropping our pants and sauntering after them, much to the delight of Casey, Natalie, and Nikki.

We had a good sized crowd for the first show. I got a laugh after one of the self indulgent lines I say in opening, and when I turned to thank the person who found it amusing, I saw that it was none other than Eggroll!
We had an almost full second show, and the audience was fantastic. We visited with Eggroll on and off during the performance, and then we had a great BBQ with him in attendance.

On Tuesday we had a 5:30 a.m. call for our 100 mile jump to Waynesburg, PA. We were playing on the parking lot of a Giant Eagle grocery store; it was a sunny day.
I took advantage of the convenient shopping situation several times today.

It turned out to be a hot and humid day, which made the shows difficult. Both shows were 3/4 full.

Lucky was not feeling well from the heat during the first show, so he went back to his trailer to take it easy for the rest of the day.
He ended up being alright, and Vicky was able to run our sound effects for us with no problem.

There was a clown wedding in the ring during Intermission. Marty and Lois Riggleman were the happy bride and groom; we met them last year in Morgantown, WV.
The couple was nice enough to bring donuts and OJ for everyone this morning.

While Ryan and I watched the ceremony, we couldn't help but notice that the Rigglemans were standing right under the drop bag containing our rubber chickens.
We thought, being clowns, that they would appreciate the humor of us dropping the poultry on them as they kissed. We decided not to, out of general respect for all involved.

We had a great BBQ tonight with circus fan, Don Curtis in attendance. He brought delicious shrimp cocktails and ka bobs for us to eat.

On Wednesday we had a 5:30 a.m. call for our 90 mile jump to McHenry, MD. The longs jumps and early calls started to wear pretty thin this morning.
We were on a grass lot and it was a sunny day.

There was an average sized crowd for the first show. One of the wheels on the exterminator cart had been giving us problems for a long time, and it finally fell off in the morning. Casey fixed it for us in between shows.
We had a good sized crowd for the second show. Not much else to report.

On Thursday we had a 6:00 a.m. call for our 40 mile jump to Midland, MD. There was a hell of an uphill climb leaving town and my engine overheated as my truck struggled to get to the top of the hill.
I pulled over for a few minutes until it cooled down, and then I continued on my way.

We were playing on a grass lot and it was a sunny day. We had a small crowd for the first show; in addition to that detrimental factor, the hot weather didn't make getting through the performance any easier.

We had a decent sized crowd for the second show. Mr. North sat with Lucky and Vicky in the bandstand to watch. He didn't want to feel out of place there, so he borrowed Ryan's horn and played air trumpet for some of the acts.

June 1-Westminster, MD
June 2-Shilo, PA
June 3-Strasburg, PA

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Everyday is a new day said...

I agree, Midland show temp. was very HOT! As my son, daughter, mother, and I sat ringside for the first show my son claimed that he was going to melt. It was then that I sympathized for the 2 clowns running around with make-up, wigs, pants, long sleeved shirts, and plenty more items that would make it hard for the heat to escape your body. This is also when it hit me that you must love what you do, which is when I began to see the "life of a clown" completely different! As sad as it is to admit, I guess I was unknowingly shallow minded of it all before. How was the show in my lovely home town of Mt. Savage? I attended that show I think 2 years ago but couldn't this year because I had to let my son's "wonderful waste of a father" get him for the weekend! Sometimes I think life thinks its funny!