Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 16-20: Frankenmuth, MI, Pt. Austin, MI, Reese, MI, Houghton Lake, MI, & Indian River, MI-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

On Monday we had a 6:30 a.m. call for our 26 mile jump to Frankenmuth. We were on a grass lot and it was a sunny day.

I went across the street from the lot to the ghetto laundromat; a few other people from the show beat me to it, so between that and all of their out of order machinery, I ended up having to use one of the large industrial washers that took over an hour to complete a full cycle. I even had to go back to my trailer to get more quarters because the machines were ridiculously expensive AND their change machine was broken.

Since I had a lot of time to kill while my clothes washed, I went to get coffee. I still had to wait for awhile when I got back before they were done, and then the dryers took forever as well.
After three hours had elapsed I finally gave up and left, even though my clothes weren't completely dry.

I had a great German lunch at the Bavarian Inn, and then I went to get a crepe and met up with Nikki, who had the same idea.
I topped off my day in Frankenmuth with a visit to Bronner's, the world's largest Christmas store, where I bought some more Bumble ornaments.

It was a nice day today; it wasn't humid at all. We had an average sized crowd for the first show, and a decent turn out for the second.

For the second jukebox gag, Ryan wore a big butt that he has been making. He had everybody cracking up with all of his funny movements and extra butt shaking.

On Tuesday we had a 5:30 a.m. call for our 87 mile jump to Pt. Austin. We were on a grass lot and it was a cool, sunny day.

Ryan started working on some of our new gag costumes today. We had average attendance for both shows; nothing exciting to report.

On Wednesday we had a 6:00 a.m. call for our 69 mile jump to Reese. We were on a grass lot and it was a cool morning.

Daniel, who is making a documentary on American circus clowns, and his cameraman, Paul, came out today to shoot footage of me and Ryan.
He interviewed us both in the tent, and then he filmed us getting into makeup and doing the two shows.

We had an average sized crowd for the first show and a decent sized crowd for the second show. It would have been nice if they had been more responsive for the documentary filming, but that seems to be how it goes!

On Thursday we had a 5:30 a.m. call for our 100 mile jump to Houghton Lake. Even though it was the longest jump we have had in awhile, it was actually a piece of cake.
We were on a grass lot and it was a sunny day.

The amusement park down the street from us was open today, but I didn't end up going (a decision I regretted later).
There was actually a lot I could have accomplished today, but I was just too lazy and apathetic. I resolved to stop being like that after being so disgusted with myself.

We did decent business for the two shows; Radar made his debut as a tiger trainer. He did very well and we were all proud of him.

Ryan and I made a small change to the table act that made a world of difference to the flow of the gag.

On Friday we had a 6:00 a.m. call for our 85 mile jump to Indian River. We were on a grass lot and it was an overcast day.

We did good business for the first show and there was a decent crowd for the second show.

A storm was blowing in during the second show, so we tried to get the second half over with as quickly as possible. Unfortunately everything hit right before the bee gag. I hate having to rush our acts, but when the elephants are in the back curtain ready to go on, and they are getting freaked out by the storm, I guess we don't have much of a choice.

August 30-Winamac, IN
August 31-Burnettsville, IN
September 1-Watseka, IL


KaylaMarieee. said...

You guys were wonderful in Indian River.

I forgot to ask to be introduced to you two, and I do so regret it.

I did wish to spend more time around the circus throughout the day, but I had to leave a few times. I had an all over wonderful time, and I hope you guys come back to Indian River again.

Radar said...

Thanks Buddy!