Sunday, March 20, 2011

And The Award For Worst Audience Goes To....

Saturday, March 19: Silsbee, TX-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Miles: 73

Lot: Kirby Stadium

This morning's long jump went by a lot faster than yesterday's for me.

I was happy to discover that my generator problem seems to have solved itself; a couple of weeks ago I had to turn a breaker off in my trailer to keep the generator from overloading.

Unfortunately that breaker powered everything that I wanted to use (fridge, TV, Xbox, outlets in the living room, etc); this morning I didn't even think about flipping the breaker off and the generator started up with no problem.

Score one for Steve!

Harry Kingston and his wife came to visit today and they watched the first show; he brought me two old circus programs for my collection.

Right before the first show Castro, the mechanic, came over to tell me that my truck's engine is so-so. He says it is not critical, but I need to go easy on it.

That was exactly the kind of news I wanted to hear before going out and performing for twenty people!

Ok....there were more than twenty people, but it was still a small crowd (plus we were minus a seat wagon).

There was one man sitting on the side of the ring with his son who did not smile, clap, or possibly even breathe the entire show. I wanted to go hold a mirror under his nose to see if he was living.

The second show had more people (not saying too much), and they were somewhat livelier than the morgue that was the first show.

The camel act and Carolyn's dog act went into the show today. The camel act is in place of Rudy and Carla's dog act, and Carolyn's dog act is before the Poemas in the first half.

Ryan and I need to rewrite the entrance of the artist gag to cover the setting of the ring mat and improve the flow of the transition.

Mike Swain and his wife and kids barbecued with Casey after the shows; I missed most of it because I was walking all over town trying to find a mail box for my Netflix movies.


barry miller said...

Hi Steve

I'm glad you mentioned Circus Programs. I have a stack of them and would be most happy to give them to you.

I am retired circus performer and live in Ann Arbor, Mi. We will plan to see the show this year and I will bring the programs when I come. We will attend the show when it is near Ann Arbor.

Barry Miller

barry miller said...

Hi Steve: I'm glad you mentioned that you collect old circus programs. I have a stack of them and would be happy to give them to you when the show plays near ann arbor, mi this year.

Barry Miller

Steve Copeland said...

That sounds great Barry. Thank you!