Sunday, March 27, 2011

Feelin' "Frisco" Tonight!

Friday, March 25: Frisco, TX-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Miles: 52

Lot: Frisco Square

Ryan and I did some repairs on the rock prop from the artist gag this morning. While we were fixing it, Alex Acero, the clown from Carson & Barnes, came over to visit.

We worked with him on Ringling in 2006; it was nice to get to talk with him for awhile.

Kelly Ballagh, another clown that we worked with on Ringling, also came by to visit.

We all spent some time swapping stories and remembering "the good old days", and then Kelly and I went to the mall to get some lunch. We also stopped by Half Price Books where I set a new shopping record for myself at that store: only one book!

Kelly stuck around and watched the first show, which had average attendance, and there were a few more people at the second show.

The fire marshall wouldn't allow Brian LaPalme to do his act in the show, and the building inspector ruled that two sections of the tent be open at all times as emergency exits.

Our friends, Dave and Cherie Gregg, who are advance clowns for the Gold Unit of Ringling, arrived around Intermission.

We visited with them and then they watched most of the second half.

After the shows they joined us over at the Irish pub for a good time.

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Paul H. said...

Haven't seen the weather forecast for Frisco, but hopefully it doesn't include snow!! But then, Radar will need to find another award-winning photo op.