Saturday, March 12, 2011

Log This!

Friday, March 11: Alice, TX-6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Miles: 114

Lot: fairgrounds

We said goodbye to the Rio Grande Valley this morning. I had a bit of excitement at the inspection point leaving the Valley; the drug dog smelled my ducks in the back of the UHaul and started going nuts.

The officers had me pull my truck to the side of the road and it and my trailer were X-Rayed via a special truck.

The officer driving the X-Ray truck recognized me (even though I was out of make up) from a show in Weslaco and told me how much he and his son enjoyed the water gag.

The drive seemed to drag on and on, but I finally arrived in Alice with no further hold ups.

Ryan did a lot of work on our new promo video today; he is working on the montage for the beginning of the DVD, and I will be tackling the short clips of our main gags.

There was average attendance at both shows; I spent most of my free time getting my log book up to date with help from John Moss.

I am doing so because on Sunday we play Refugio, TX. That is the town where I got a D.O.T violation on the way to Brownsville. I am just filling out entries from March 1st until the day we get into Refugio.

If the same jerk officer pulls me over, at least I will have a log book like he told me to have.

After we leave Refugio I am filing my log the trash can.


EleFanOhio said...

You need to put in a window and throw a cot/sleeping bag in the back. Voila! It's a house vehicle.

Kenyo said...

Don't throw it away. Sell that log book on Ebay! Some true fan of circusiana will pay a fortune for a real clown duck truck log.

Arts in the Family said...

isn't that weird how people recognize you without makeup? how did the border patrol react when they found your duck? we will be seeing you soon!!
Pam Ramirez

Steve Copeland said...


Do you know a town where we will be near you?