Sunday, March 6, 2011


Saturday, March 5: Weslaco, TX-2:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., and 7:30 p.m.

We had our first rain of the season this morning. It didn't come down that hard, but the wind was blowing for all it was worth.

Shortly before the first show, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day. The rain was much needed, because yesterday and this morning it was humid; the rest of the day was a lot cooler.

We had a small crowd for the first show, there was average attendance for the second show, and we finally had an almost full house for the last show.

The family of a clown acquaintance came to the second show. I set up tickets for them and visited with them during Intermission; for that they were very appreciative.

It was neat how something that is so easy for me (taking a little time out of my day to set up tickets and say "Hi") can mean so much to people.

Radar and I went on an epic quest after the shows to pick up pizza. First we went to the wrong Pizza Hut (for some reason this town has two within a 3 mile radius), then my phone sent us in the wrong direction to find the correct restaurant, AND THEN we almost ran out of gas.

After putting a few bucks in the tank and heading in the right direction, we arrived at the correct Pizza Hut.
The parking lot had about 10 vicious speed bumps (that figures into the story later). A guy and his girlfriend were in front of us in line talking to their friends who worked at the restaurant. After finally getting helped, we retrieved the pizzas and went to leave.
The same guy and his girlfriend pulled out in front of us in their car and blocked our path so they could talk to some more friends.
Radar honked the horn, we both called them some unsavory names, and finally Radar was able to maneuver around the car and get us on our way.

I was just about to roll down the window and give them the Bronx salute or at the very least yell something about how I had been checking out his girlfriend, but then I remembered that it would be hard to do a fast getaway with so many speed bumps to drive over.
I wisely held my tongue (and digit) and avoided a beating.


Radar said...

An epic time was had by all!

Tejano said...

Before I start getting hate mail and spam, hear me out.
I went tonight to go see the show. Second time in two weeks. It can become a bad habit..and expensive, somewhat.
Don’t worry Steve, I have no plans to run off and join the circus. You already have an elephant act.  And..I don’t juggle, do high trapeze (Nikki is better at it and so much better looking than me) and I am afraid the tigers will look at me as an appetizer rather than a trainer.
Let me share some comments that I overheard while standing in line to see the show. One lady brought her son, first time for both to go to a circus, had heard good things about Kelly Miller. Being the “experts” we are on Kelly Miller we proceeded to tell her how much fun she was going to have. The man next to her had brought his family to the show, he had been to the previous nights’ performance and he had been very impressed by price and by the variety/quality of the acts. He, his wife and his son had attended another circus recently and they had been disappointed. Their comments? Too expensive and not much substance. We met the first lady on the way out. She and her son were grinning ear to ear. She was making plans to catch the show in Primera. They were very pleased.
Tell your boss that the comments I heard in the line and from others who have attended the Kelly Miller circus are extremely positive. I can hear it in the reaction to the acts; the audiences really enjoy the show. Keep up this quality of performance and variety and Kelly Miller will always have a great turnout in the Valley.
My wife told me to tell you it was a pleasure to meet you and she thought you and Ryan were hilarious, funnier than last year. You and Ryan make a good team; you work well off each other and complement each other. Too bad you are not going to end the season here, it would be nice to how well you have honed the act by the season’s end (not that is it not good now).
I have gone on enough. I doubt I will have a chance to see the show again. You have four shows left and you head north. Be safe, hope the transmission holds out, and see you next year! (Don’t leave KM). I close with the words of Thomas Sydenham: “The arrival of a good clown exercises a more beneficial influence upon the health of a town than the arrival of twenty asses laden with drugs.” We have enough drugs here… we need more clowns.  CYA