Monday, May 30, 2011

Pitchin' A Tent

Sunday, May 29: Olney, MD-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Miles: 87
Lot: Hospital grounds

Due to the poor service in Hancock, my phone's battery ran out and I didn't have an alarm clock this morning.
Luckily someone knocked on my wall at 5:45 a.m. and woke me up.

My brakes started acting up on the jump, so I told Castro about it as soon as he got to the lot.

Our friends, the Freestate Clown Alley #30, visited today with a great spread for lunch. During the meal there was the "tent raising" of the newest Circus Fans of America tent (number 178), the John Ringling North II/Steve & Ryan tent.

CFA president, Maxine House was on hand, a poem was read that was written by one of the clowns, Jim Shores, and the three of us signed the charter for the tent to make everything official.

Ryan and I are very happy about the creation of a tent bearing our name, but the reason we are happiest is that our friends thought enough about us to do such a nice thing.

A big thank you to Keith Karas, Pat Stevenson, and everyone else in the Freestate Clown Alley #30 that made this possible.
(P.S-Someone has a picture of Mr. North doing the muscle pose too. That's how you know we are an awesome tent!)

An excellent gift was also made by Katie, from the alley, and it was given to baby Nico: Steve & Ryan designer wear!

What an awesome present!

Both shows today had good attendance. The Freestate Alley was meeting and greeting with the crowds during Come In and Intermission, and when they weren't working it, they were hanging out in the backyard with me and Ryan.

It was incredibly hot today, which definitely zapped our energy in the ring.

After the shows the cast had a finale rehearsal that went on way longer than it should have; it figures that we had a rehearsal after work when there were lots of great places to go.

Our friend, Stephon Walker, who Ryan and I worked with in Myrtle Beach three years ago, came to visit after the shows.
We talked for awhile and then met up with Casey, Nikki, and Radar at the Italian restaurant down the road.
Most of the Freestate Alley joined us as soon as they got back from cleaning up at the hotel, and they were nice enough to treat us to dinner.

Back at the lot Ryan, Stephon, and I talked comedy theory until it was time to hit the hay.


Anonymous said...

I wondered how long it would be before you had your own - Tent Raising. I will look for the future stories in Circus Report and related rags.

I am heartfelt proud for both You and Ryan and the assorted characters that you seem to always hang around with.
You must have an excellent reputation among your fellow professionals to have them follow you and then create a professional tent for you two and Mr. North.
May you never leave the road.
(And that's really asking a lot.)

You 3 Kelly-Miller Blogers
(Casey & Rader, Steve n' Ryan, and Valerie) - are my every morning reads--with coffee and a square donut or two of course.
(Buckles blog also makes the morning read list)

Spencer, Indiana

Paul H. said...

Excellent news that you have your very own CFA Tent! Please consider me for an honorary membership.

Of course, now that you're official and all, you'll have to have a regular meeting place - something like American's Own BBQ.

All the best,
Paul Holley

Circus Photos said...

Steve, what every have to the Shirt I made for you the first year you were on the show?

Steve Copeland said...

I still have it and wear it with pride!