Monday, May 9, 2011

Tinkerbell, Chalk, & A Rusty Dog

Saturday, May 07: Huntington, IN-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Miles: 58

Lot: fairgrounds

Huntington is a decent sized town, but we were a few miles from everything out at the fairgrounds.

It was Sarah's daughter's birthday today. Gigi had a party at the cookhouse for everyone; I stopped by to eat and drop off her present. I bought her a box of sidewalk chalk. Normally I'm not too good at shopping for four year old girls, but I knew she was in need of chalk since I tried to borrow a piece from her a couple of months ago.

There was an average sized crowd for the first show, and a smaller crowd for the second show. Yay lot and license towns!

Ryan made a great new pair of agent suit pants for me, but I didn't wear them today because it was rainy and muddy.

He also made a new pair of boxers for me to use in the water gag. The pink polka dotted ones I use now are very funny, but they are also made of a very thick fabric that takes forever to dry.

The new pair are equally as funny (purple, with big pictures of Tinkerbell and her fairy friends), but they are made from a lighter material. Unfortunately, they are also a bit transparent, so no more going commando in the water gag. (You are all welcome for that visual)

After the shows Casey, Radar, Nikki, and I went to a great Irish pub in town called the Rusty Dog. My Guinness must have been more than I could handle, because I ended up throwing a lemon across the room while trying to squeeze it over my fish and chips, AND I knocked Radar's beer over while trying to pick up the salt.

Sunday, May 08: Huntington, IN-Day Off

I slept in late today and lounged around the house until 2:00 p.m. I caught a ride with Casey, Radar, and Nikki to Fort Wayne, IN to go shopping at the mall.

Most of my time was spent at the three book stores in the area: Barnes & Noble, Border's, and Half Price Books.

We were going to go back to the Rusty Dog again tonight, but they were closed for Mother's Day. We ended up at a wing restaurant where we got to play trivia while stuffing our faces.

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