Sunday, June 26, 2011

DD Junkie

Saturday, June 25: Berkley, MA-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

After breakfast this morning I did some trailer cleaning, which always leaves me feeling good.

The first show today was about 3/4 full. Bob Lessard came with our friend, Rick Cobban, a former Ringling clown from the 70s. Mat Coes also came back, this time to watch the show with his daughter.

The second show was almost full. Bill Carter, who set up our tickets for Cole Bros. on Thursday, came by. I returned the favor for him.
Once again, Bruce filmed the second show. I believe he captured two good shows with good audiences; it should be much better than last year's video.

The sun came out today and helped dry everything off. After the shows we moved to the next town, Pembroke.
I raced to get out of make up, and I had already readied my rig for travel, so I was maybe the third trailer to leave the back yard after the shows were done.
Luckily I had no problem getting off the lot; if it had rained yesterday or today, we would have been screwed!

I had been craving Dunkin Donuts all day, and I was looking forward to eating at the one right by the lot in Pembroke.
Unfortunately I arrived about five minutes after they closed. PORQUE?????!!!!!!

Even though I was one of the first to arrive at the lot in Pembroke, I was the last to be parked, over an hour later.
My parking spot just happened to be in the way of the one entrance to the lot.


Tejano said...

I see you picked up some Spanish while you were in S Texas! :)

Anonymous said...

I can,t wait for you to come to Geneva, NY. Big follower of Kelly Miller Circus. See ya soon Terry