Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Don't Expect Very Good Writing In This Post. My Brain Just Isn't Working Today.

Tuesday, June 28: Littleton, MA-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Miles: 105

Lot: Russel St. baseball field

Casey desperately needed steel to repair his tiger trailer, and Ryan I need steel for one of our new props, so this morning I went with Casey to find said steel.

We found a guy that promised that he could deliver what we needed to tomorrow's lot.

(Unfortunately, right before show time he called Casey and said that he had dropped the ball. BUT he could get everything to us on Thursday. Of course, we'd be too far away from him by then. Way to go dude.)

Ryan's maternal grandparents took me, Ryan, and the Fuscos out to lunch at a delicious Brazilian restaurant. His grandmother also treated me, Delena, and Tatiana to a shopping spree at a Brazilian market.

Ryan missed out because he was looking for his missing wallet at a gas station from this morning's jump. His wallet was finally found in the laundry hamper in his RV, but not before he had called and canceled all of his cards.

Both shows today were about 3/4 full. The Kelly Miller Circus was inundated with photographers today. Kenneth Ruggiano, who spent time with the show in OK, came back with copies of his photos for everyone, John Tremblay was around snapping some shots, and Stephen Reiss, who was with us for the past 5 days working on a photo essay, spent his last day with us.

Ryan's uncle and aunt saw the second show and visited for a bit after the show. All of us had to move to the parking lot next to the lot because the only exit was a mud pit. SInce rain was expected during the night, management wanted to make sure everyone could get out successfully.

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