Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Hello Debt, My Old Friend"

Friday, June 03: Bridgeton, NJ-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 70
Lot: Dutch Neck Village

I rode with Ryan and Tatiana this morning, napping almost the whole jump.
When we got to Bridgeton I got my ducks situated, and then I jumped in the flat bed truck and drove back to Havre De Grace.
Once I got back to that lot I hooked up to my trailer and made the 70 mile jump yet again.
I didn't have an adaptor for my trailer's brake lights and turn signals, so I tried to take it easy; the Interstate portion of the drive wasn't bad, but once I got onto the back roads with traffic lights and people riding my tail, I worried a little more.
Luckily I made it to Bridgeton safely, and Raul helped me back into my parking space.

Danny, the sponsor/mechanic from the last town, called and told me that replacing the truck's rear end would cost me $1400. Hello debt! Did you miss me?
Luckily the show fronted me the money, so after several pay days I will be able to reimburse them.

It was another beautiful day, and we did great business. The first show had good attendance, and the second show was full (they were a great audience too).
The ground was a little rough in the ring, which wreaked havoc on the chair bit in the artist gag. It was very awkward in the first show, but Ryan turned it to our advantage in the second show and the bit got a nice laugh.

John Moss was nice enough to haul me and my trailer to the next town after the shows were over.
Likewise, Alex was nice enough to put out cones where he wanted my trailer to be parked, so after we made the 30 mile jump, John pulled my trailer right into position, unhooked, and headed back to Bridgeton.


Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have such loyal great friends.True professional business people --as well as all around circus help.
But then what's the old saying -- "We're all in this together" & "What comes around goes around".
It appears from here, you are in good hands.

from Florida but on his way back to Southern Indiana Tuesday AM.
Time to go back to work.

Later down the line when things get back to normal - don't forget to give us a cast n' crew and performance line up like you did last year.

rcblues said...

enjoy your site.. check mine out thnx rch