Friday, June 24, 2011

Old King Cole

Wednesday, June 22: Mendon, MA-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

This morning the Breakfast Club made a stop at a music store and a K Mart so I could get a new 6V battery for our pyro.

When we got back to the lot it started raining hard and it continued steadily on and off all day.

Ryan and I organized the back of my U-Haul truck (it looks so much better now), and then we went with Ryan's brother, Pete, into town.

We went back to the music store that I had visited this morning, and both Ryan and I picked up "wah wah" mutes (I believe that is the scientific term) for our trumpets.

Next door there was a comic shop that had the newest volume of "Walking Dead". Sweet!

Both shows today were full. Ryan's father, Chris, his girlfriend, Bonnie, as well as Ryan's maternal grandmother and great grandmother were all at the first show.

At the second show Ryan's cousin, Patricia, her husband and her children, as well as Ryan's maternal grandfather came to visit. Nat, the brother of Ryan's former partner, Sam, also stopped by.

(That whole part read like the "begat" section of The Bible)

A lady during Intermission asked if I was the clown with ducks and offered me two runner ducks.

I thanked her but told her that I was up to my bill in ducks already. She said that there was always next year....

Thursday, June 23: Berkley, MA-Day Off

Miles: 41

Lot: 49 S. Main St.

The lot we usually play in Berkley was unavailable because of construction, so we got moved to a muddy field with a long muddy path as the only way to get to it.

Most of the show was lined up waiting to get pulled on until the Bobcat was unloaded from the pole truck.

Luckily I was towards the front of the waiting line, and my rig made it to my parking space without the need for assistance.

Casey, Nikki, Radar, his new friend, Allysa, and I went to the Galeria Mall a few miles from Berkley.

We had lunch and then Casey, Nikki, and I saw the Hangover II. It made me laugh a few times, but it was nowhere near as funny as the first film.

In the evening we all drove to Plymouth, MA to see the Cole Bros. Circus. Advance clown, Lee Andrews, was nice enough to call Bill Carter, the marketing guy for Plymouth, so we could get tickets. Thank you to both of you.

My friend, Miguel Llavat, recently left the Ringling Blue Unit and now works in the office at Cole Bros. It was great to see him and visit for a little while.

Also, another friend and recent Ringling refugee, Nick Rainone, was clowning with the show. He did a great job; I am glad I got to see him work again.

Casey and I got to chat with Jonny Pugh and Elvin Bale before the show; there was a great turnout for the show we saw. The afternoon show had also been almost full.

I had a good time and enjoyed the show more than last year's.

On the way back to the lot we all stopped at Applebee's to eat. We were in luck because karaoke was being held in the bar area, so Casey, Radar, and I got to sing a couple of tunes each.

The lot was a mess when we got back after midnight. It had rained a lot, and a couple of people had gotten stuck on the path leading to the lot.

(I have a few photos from Cole that I want to upload, but I can't due to my crappy Internet connection. Oh well, what ya gonna do?)

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Anonymous said...

Your Berkeley 5:30 show was fabulous, Kelly Miller has the best circus, Thanks a bunch for a great time !