Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Tuesday, June 21: Mendon, MA-Travel Day
Miles: 120
Lot: Gift Barn

Today Ryan and I went with Ryan's father, Chris, to Lowe's so we could buy supplies for our new gags.

Chris then took us, Nico, Tatiana, and her mother out shopping. We went to a great thrift store where Ryan and I were able to grab a couple of wardrobe items for the new gags as well.

In the evening, Chris and his girlfriend, Bonnie, had us over to their house for a BBQ; the Fusco family also came along.
I ate so much good food, and I got the added entertainment of watching Bonnie's chickens fighting over a piece of steak.
One chicken grabbed it and then had to keep running around the pen from the other hens. She couldn't even stop to eat it because the other chickens tried to snatch it away.
The whole experience was like watching a strange football game!

On a more "serious" note, here is a video interview that Lane Talburt filmed of us last Saturday in Millbrook:


Anonymous said...

Nice Video. It shows your natural comedic dialog between each other outside the ring. I think it will be a valued piece of circus history....One Day

_ Keith Crabbs

RC said...

Steve, love the interview! The one thing you said is when the audience is watching to see you guys try to make each other laugh---that is sometimes funnier than the orginial bit! Case in point Tim Conway and Harvey Korman! Some of the funniest gags were the Im trying not to look at you and loose it from Korman! Try to expand your route next year to Colorado ok? *smiles*

Michael Newton-Brown said...

For those of us who follow you, and still haven't seen the show, I'm so glad to see you both interviewed. Like Keith said, you both know each other so well, there is a wonderful energy between you.

The Old Timer said...

Lane Talburt made a truly top quality video of you two fellows. After having read so many of your blogs, it is nice to see and hear you in action via my computer.