Tuesday, July 5, 2011

America, **** Yeah!

Monday, July 4: Penacook, NH-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Miles: 26

Lot: Merrimack High School

I had a good, productive morning. How can your morning not be good though, with breakfast at Panera Bread! I also got to get some groceries, and Ryan and I were able to get a couple of things we needed from TSC.

We had good business for the first show today. Ryan and I took out a couple of superfluous bits in the artist gag, which seemed to help with the overall flow.

During the lyra act Ryan and I were waiting backstage when it started POURING down rain. Most of the lot was cement, but there were grassy spots, including exactly where the back curtain was.

All the water ran right into the tent and created a moat a couple of inches deep right at the curtains; luckily the ring itself was fine.

Planks were put down to create brides into the ring, which made it necessary for me and Ryan to change some of our entrances and exits.

There was a small crowd at the second show; today would have been a perfect one show day. On the plus side, Dan did a good job running the music without anyone to direct him.

I spent my down time during the shows cleaning my trailer, airing up the tires, and other general maintenance tasks.

After the shows was the annual Kelly Miller 4th of July BBQ. The main event was a bike parade, in which everyone was urged to decorate anything that had wheels with a patriotic theme.

There were many contestants, and in the end everyone won! Just like at a Shrine Circus!

There was lots of good food, and also fun games organized by Carolyn. I participated in the egg toss, three legged race, and pie eating contest.

Ryan and I about killed ourselves in the three legged race. The twine that held us together left us both with hellacious rope burns.

We won Dunkin Donut gift cards in the egg toss since we were two of the players left towards the end of the contest, and we tried valiantly, but Jeremiah emerged victorious in the pie eating contest.

All I won was indigestion.

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Lane Taburt said...

You look like you lost the Easter egg dying contest. In talking with Ward Hall tonight, he said Steve and Ryan are among the most talented clowns that the circus has ever seen.