Friday, July 15, 2011

Circus Smirkus

Thursday, July 14: Malta, NY-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Miles: 65

Lot: Albany-Saratoga Speedway

This morning we went to breakfast in downtown Saratoga Springs since it was only 6 miles away from the lot.

I could tell that there were some cool shops and restaurants; unfortunately most of them were closed since it was still very early.

I went back into Saratoga Springs later in the morning to get oil for my truck, and when I got back my friends Josh and Alex were at the lot.

Josh worked with Ryan on Smirkus back in the day, and he worked with both of us on Ringling in 2004. Alex is our friend that designed our awesome Steve & Ryan logo.

They are both working for Circus Smirkus for the summer, and their show was set up only 8 miles away from us.

Josh and Alex gave me, Ryan, Tatiana, and Nico a ride to the Smirkus lot. There I got to meet Elizabeth, the mother of my friend, Joy. Elizabeth is working concessions for the summer with Smirkus.

My friend, Mary Kelly Rayel, was also at the show; she was celebrating her birthday. I was happily surprised that I got to celebrate part of the day with her.

Everyone at Smirkus was so nice and helpful to us. Artistic director, Troy Wunderle, and his wife, Sara, couldn't have been nicer. Sara really stepped up and helped us with ticket needs, even when the number of Kelly Miller visitors grew by the minute.

I had never seen a Smirkus performance live before (only video from when Ryan worked there), but I have always heard wonderful things.

I was not disappointed. It was a great show; the energy and professionalism was amazing.

After the performance we chatted with a few of the troupers and said our goodbyes before Alex gave us a lift back to the lot.

I was still riding on a high from seeing Smirkus, so the two small crowds we had didn't phase me too much.

Malta was a lot and license town; someone put it best on the show fact sheet in the back door when they described the town as "Somewhere to go between Cairo and North Creek, NY".

Sad to say, my high from Smirkus finally faltered in the second water gag. The bucket of water wasn't set, so we didn't have an ending to our act.


After the shows we went back to downtown Saratoga Springs, and unlike this morning, the joint was hoppin'!

We checked out the Circus Cafe, which had a few circus decorations around the restaurant. They also served popcorn on the table while you waited for your food. That was about the extent of the circus motif.

They did have cool t-shirts though. I bought one that said, "The Circus Is My Life".

God help me!

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Alex Zaprudsky said...

It was so nice to see you guys!