Saturday, July 2, 2011

Die Free Or Live Trying!

Friday, July 1: Laconia, NH-7:30 p.m.

Miles: 85

Lot: Memorial Field

On this morning's outing, we saw a sign for Clown Supplies, which is the company that I use to buy....clown supplies (duh) online.

Once I got back to the lot, Ryan and I walked to the shop (it was only a mile away) and parted ways with some of our money.

The owner of the shop, "Serenity the Clown", had been at the lot during the tent raising, but I missed seeing her.

We only had one show today, which was awesome. It meant that Ryan and I had plenty of time to work on props for our new gags. We even completely finished two of them.

The one show tonight had a full house, and they were a great audience.

A lot of folks from Hanneford came to show their support, including Danny, who worked in the transportation department on Ringling my final two years.

He came over to visit while I was making up and then I got to talk with him again after the show.

He was the last person I ever expected to see in New Hampshire, especially since the last time I had talked to him, he was living in California.

Per some law there was a fence separating the ring from the audience. Ryan had to climb over it in drag for his entrance to the artist gag.

He racked his crotch on the top of the fence as he was going over. It got a nice laugh, and when I pointed that out he replied, "Yeah, but now I can't have any more kids."

My friend, Michael Johnson, sent me a package containing some old Ringling programs, which I got today.

Ryan and I spent our down time during the show geeking out over the clown pages.

There were a lot of BBQs going on after the show, and I hopped between a couple of them to visit with people and stuff my fat face.

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