Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Made Them An Offer They Couldn't Refuse

Wednesday, July 6: N. Andover, MA-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

I reluctantly woke up early this morning to go on an outing for breakfast and laundry. I had to make sure to have clean clothes for the baptism of Nico and Argio, which took place at noon at the church of Father Jerry, top circus priest!

I got a ride to the church with Ryan's cousin, Patricia, and her kids. All of Ryan's family was in attendance, as well as several folks from the show.

I was honored to be chosen as Nico's godfather, so I got to take place in the ceremony. I helped hold Nico while he was baptized, and then I lit a candle to give to Ryan.

Well, I tried to light the candle. The candle I was trying to get a flame from seemed to have been designed for Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain.

After much comedic struggling, Ryan's Grandpa George helped lower the candle for me.

Why does everything I do have to be so damned hilarious!?

Thank you Patricia for the photos. For more pictures from the baptism, check out:

After the service, there was a luncheon held at the church by the local circus fans. There were circus photos out for us to peruse, and we were even shown some circus videos while we ate.

Father Jerry showed me and Ryan his two circus offices full of great photos and memorabilia. He even had a prop saw from our construction gag that we had signed and given to him back in 2004 on Ringling.

We did good business for the first show, and the second show was almost 3/4 full. Even though attendance was good for this two day stand, the audiences left something to be desired, in my opinion.

A storm started rolling in during the second show, but it blew right over us. All we got was some thunder and pretty lightning.

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