Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not Again!

Monday, July 25: Corry, PA-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Miles: 36

Lot: school grounds

This morning Radar gave me a ride to TSC and Wal Mart. At TSC I picked up an exercise pen so Ryan could give his pig, Chancho, more room to frolic.

It was a great buy, because Chancho had a ball running around and playing in his extra space.

In the late morning I was in my trailer watching a DVD when Delena knocked on my door.

She told me that a tornado was on its way so I better put my ducks away.

I loaded them in the truck and then I helped Radar get the tigers situated.

Oscar went around the lot and told us that the school next door was offering shelter for us, so everyone started heading over.

A lot of folks from the show had been at Wal Mart and were evacuated when the news of the storm hit.

Everyone that took shelter was in the school's gymnasium, which was incredibly hot.

I noticed that Ryan and I were about the only men taking shelter, so I started feeling a bit like a coward. That is until I realized that someone would have to protect the women and children and then help recreate society and repopulate the earth once the tornado was done ravaging the land.

Then I didn't feel so bad!

Still, just to feel like I was helping out (and to get out of the stuffy gym), I sat right outside the school and did my best to intimidate the tornado.

It must have worked, because the storm went around us and we were given the all clear to go back to the lot.

We did good business for the first show. The chair wasn't set in the ring for the artist gag, but we covered that mistake without the audience being any the wiser.

The second show was 3/4 full; it was great to hear big laughs and see smiling faces in the audience once again. I'm sure it helped that the weather cooled down considerably after the tornado warning.

A reporter, Zoe, and a photographer, Mike, are with us for a few days so they can write a story that will run in the Toledo area before we play there.

Zoe needed a place to stay, so the show asked if she could sleep on my couch.

Being the sweetheart that I am, I agreed.

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