Monday, August 8, 2011

Anger Management

Sunday, August 7: Avon, OH-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Miles: 40

Lot: Knights of Columbus grounds

This morning I went to a Pilot truck stop just about a mile off the route so I could fuel up.

I went inside and put $100 on my pump, then I went back outside and couldn't get the pump started.

Now a bit perturbed, I went back inside to find out what happened. The clerk behind the counter had put my $100 on another pump; one that Carolyn just happened to use.

The clerk then told me that if I didn't use the whole $100 on my truck, he wouldn't know what to do about change.

Well, now I was livid. I stormed out to my truck, used up most of the $100 to fill the tank, and used the remainder to fill my 5 gallon gas can.

I didn't even go in to get my receipt because I was so agitated.

Just after leaving the Pilot I got on the Ohio Turnpike only to discover that there was a service station two miles away....WITH A PANERA BREAD! ARGGGGH!

When I got to Avon, I followed the arrows to the lot, only to realize at the last minute that all the show trailers were parked across the street at a BJ's.

The lot we were going to play on was very soft, so Alex and Tavo were planning to fit stuff on the small Knights of Columbus building's parking lot.

Unfortunately that meant that none of the trailers could fit at the lot, only show vehicles.

I turned around and parked with everyone else, where we sat all day without power.

I guess it was good that I had extra money to spend on filling up my gas can; it would have been a miserable day without a generator.

Ryan and I took my truck to the tent to unload props, but there wasn't a very convenient place to leave it as a dressing room, so every time we went to do an act, we had to do a "walk of shame" across the street to the tent, and then back to our trailers afterwards.

Luckily the date paid off for the circus. The first show was full and the second show was 3/4 full.

The audiences were very good too; they were thrilled that the circus was in town.

There was no finale for the two shows, so as soon as we were done with the second water gag I showered, got my rig ready, and hit the road for Kelley's Island.

It was a 60 mile jump, but it was very quick because most of it was highway. I also lucked out because as soon as I arrived at the ferry stop a boat was pulling up.

I drove right on and I was on Kelley's Island before I knew it.

Nikki and I immediately went to find a golf cart, but the man who usually cuts us a deal was nowhere to be found.

Everywhere else we went to rent a cart was either closed or wanted to charge us ridiculous rates.

After Radar arrived and got everything unloaded and set up, we all went to eat at the Village Pump.

While there we found out that Ted, our golf cart connection, was across the street, so Nikki and I found him and procured a couple of golf carts.

I was going to be very upset if I didn't get a set of wheels for the first night on the island!

Ryan and I went for a joy ride around the island after dinner, but we were both pretty tired and didn't stay out past 12:30 a.m.

The evening was much less exciting than last year...and that's a good thing!

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EleFanOhio said...

The Kellys Island police thank you for drinking and driving responsibily.

Capt. Morgan