Monday, August 22, 2011

Big Business Can Bite It

This makes me sad.

This is the business that my Dad and Grandaddy started the year I was born. My brother, Jamey, has been running the store with his mother since Dad passed away in 2001.


Susabelle said...

This makes me sad too. :(

Arts in the Family said...

Sorry to hear that. I try to spend my money at small, locally owned businesses as often as possible. These days the big box stores are everywhere with the intention of taking down the smaller businesses. Best of luck to your family.

Alberto Ramirez Jr.

Rose said...

I'm very sorry to learn of this, Steve. The world changes around us and its not always for the better. Mom and pops, Father and son's (as well as many other wise owned small business) too often are crushed by the Godzilla of big box retailers.

I wish your family better things. I wish you the same.