Sunday, August 7, 2011


Saturday, August 6: Richfield, OH-2:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., and 7:30 p.m.

Miles: 13

Lot: Town Hall Grounds

This afternoon there was a BBQ luncheon held by some Ohio CFA members. I got to eat some delicious food, and I even got to chat with some of the circus fans I knew: Doug Kruest, Ed Limbach, Rich and Cheryl Deptula, and John and Mardi Wells.

Thank you to everyone who made the meal possible.

I walked into town to try and find a barber, but despite directions from several locals, I just could not find one.

The first two shows today were almost full, and the third show had good attendance.

Jeff Potts and his son, Noah, came up to visit after doing a gig. They helped us get through the three shows by listening to our comedic complaints.

They also did the first finale with us.

Doug Kruest did a big favor for me between shows. When I pulled onto the lot I noticed that my fuel was below a quarter of a tank. Since I didn't know how soon I would find a gas station in the morning, I had Doug go out and fill up my 5 gallon gas can.

Thanks Doug!

Ryan and I were feeling a little loopy by the third show, so we did the final water gag as the clowns from the movie "Dumbo".

(If you REALLY need to see what that would have looked like, start watching this at about 1:30)

It rained for awhile after the first show and the ground became soggy, so we were all told to move off the lot after the last show.

Since most of us in the backyard were blocking each other in, I caught a ride with Radar to get some eats until everything cleared up a bit.

The parking lot we moved to was very convoluted, but I finally found a spot out of the way where I parked for the night.

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EleFanOhio said...

OK, Steve. What's the inside joke? Why is Ryan's expression different from you and the guest clown in each photo?