Thursday, August 18, 2011

Holly Rocks!

Wednesday, August 17: Holly, MI-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Miles: 60

Lot: Corner of Holly and Quick

A couple of weeks ago, I got an e-mail from Katy Hughes. She was involved with bringing the circus to Holly last year, and she wanted to make our time in town this year very special.

She told me of all kinds of plans sure to make the day a memorable one. She delivered!

I met her in the morning after we had all arrived at the lot. Katy was nice enough to let me have some squibs mailed to her house, since we were running out.

She delivered the box to me, and she also gave me a map of downtown Holly with a list of fun things to do.

As I was heading back to my trailer, I ran into Paul Hesano and his family. The Hesanos saw the show last year, and Paul found my blog shortly after.

They were very excited about seeing the show; I took them back to my trailer to see the ducks and Chancho, Ryan's pig.

At 11:00 a.m. the Friends of Holly Library put on a luncheon for the circus across the street at the Baptist church.

A delicious meal was prepared for us, and everyone was just as nice as could be. In addition to the free food, there was a table set up with Holly goodies: t-shirts, mugs, bookmarks, bags, etc.

The Town Supervisor and DDA Director were going to present the key to the city to John Moss, but he was running late due to set up. I was chosen as the replacement recipient.

I was presented with the key (it wasn't filled with chocolate as I had hoped), and a big banner saying, "Holly Welcomes You".

In my acceptance speech I joked that I was chosen as the recipient because I looked the most like John Moss.

Starting at noon, Katy's husband was running a shuttle for circus employees to go to downtown, whether they needed to do laundry, buy groceries, or just to explore the shops.

Dan and I made friends with Jessica Teague, who sells Shaklee Sports Nutrition products and works out of the chiropractic and massage center in town.

She took us downtown to the Bittersweet Cafe and Blackberry Bakery where she treated us to coffee and goodies.

Never has a town been so welcoming to the show and done so much for us.

The first show was almost full, and the second show was about 3/4 full. John Moss put up the running order in the backdoor, but instead of putting Holly, MI at the top, he made light of my presentation earlier in the day and dubbed the town Copelandville, MI.

I think it has a nice ring to it!

The ring was a bit rough due to holes, but the prop crew filled them with sawdust during Intermission which helped immensely.

Paul Hesano and his family came to the first show. Here I am with Gavin:

and Paul and Amelia:

Jessica Teague was also at the show with two of her young family members.

All day I had been looking forward to a trip downtown after the shows. At the last minute Radar and Nikki backed out because they were tired.

I was just going to walk the mile and a half to town rather than get my truck out of my tight parking location, but I lucked out and Katy Hughes was still on the midway.

She saved me a long walk by being nice enough to give me a ride downtown.

She dropped me off at the Blackthorn Irish Pub; she introduced me to one of the waitresses who knew about my blog (wild), and the owner of the pub.

She also introduced me to Ashley, who was going to be my hostess for the evening, as well as my ride back to the lot.

I was lucky that I caught a ride with Katy instead of walking, because I got to the pub just as the kitchen was about to close.

I had a delicious meal, and two glasses of Guinness (one of which was on the house), and then I joined Ashley and her friends, Laura and Laura, at their table.

When they were finished, we walked a few blocks to the Broad Street Station, which had rented a karaoke machine for the night JUST for the circus.

Boy did I feel bad when I was the only person from the show that came to sing.

Jesse Lambert, the Town Supervisor, was at the bar and joined our party. Ashley, Jesse, and myself were three of the five people in the bar singing karaoke, so naturally we each got to sing a lot.

The guy running karaoke was very helpful and looked up all the weird songs that I wanted to sing that weren't in his book.

It was a lot of fun; once again I just felt bad that there wasn't more of a representation from the circus.

Close to closing time Ashley gave me a ride back to the lot, and I crawled into bed around 2:00 a.m.

One more BIG thank you to everyone in Holly that made this day so awesome!


Ashley Surre said...

Steve, I am so glad that you enjoyed your time in our little town! Everyone I've spoke to that got to see the show LOVED it and can't wait for you all to come back next year. I had so much fun playing hostess and hope that we can karaoke it up again next year. Take care of yourself and keep in touch!

Jason Hughes said...

I was glad to be able to help out by driving the shuttle van. Sorry that the A/C didn't work! I had great conversations with Joel and it was my pleasure being able to provide a small tour of our community.

Thank you for all your kind words about our community and the people in it. The Kelly Miller Circus is a fantastic show and I am glad that it was able to stop in Holly again this year!

~ Jason Hughes