Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'll Have A Steak And Some Shake

Friday, August 5: Northfield, OH-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Miles: 52

Lot: Northfield Race Track

This morning Ryan and I caught up on our rest after having a couple of busy days.

We were playing on a very bumpy, uneven lot. Very bumpy and uneven. I'm surprised our rigs didn't fall apart driving across it.

Our first show was 3/4 full, and they were a good audience. It was the first time in a few weeks that an afternoon crowd was actually responsive; heat and humidity are a b***h!

The show got two new spot lights that are night and day compared to the old spotlights. John Moss asked if we wanted any special lighting for the gags and Ryan replied, "Let's just keep it simple: white light and ON!"

David Powell and his family came to see the second show. They brought me a delicious blueberry pie.

The second show was full, and the audience was great! Ryan and I went off on a funny little tangent in the water gag: I was mock threatening a man in the front row that was egging me on to drink the water that Ryan spit in.

When I started to walk towards Ryan to deliver retribution, I quickly turned and headed toward the man in the seats, which got a big laugh.

He held his toddler aged daughter up in front of him for protection. Ryan stopped me and turned me away while remarking, "Wow, putting a kid in the line of fire. That's low!"

As I turned away, the man lowered his defenses (and his daughter), so Ryan seized the opportunity and spit on him. Again we got a huge laugh from the audience, especially the man on the receiving end of the water.

It was so much fun getting to improvise and shake things up a little bit in the gag, and it was way funnier than any of the planned changes we tried to make in the artist gag.

After the shows we all had to move off the lot because of the threat of rain. I hauled butt and moved onto cement as fast as I could.

Radar unhooked his truck and took me and his girlfriend, Elisa, to Steak & Shake and Wal Mart.

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