Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Island Days: The Second

Tuesday, August 9: Kelley's Island, OH-4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Again this morning Ryan and I started our day off with coffee. Luckily I was feeling a lot better than I was after Sunday night's debauchery.

Today I did my Kelley's Island shopping spree. I picked up a new Village Pump t-shirt, and a KI coffee mug and fridge magnet.

I went to the beach and swam for a few minutes with Radar, Elisa, and Nikki, and then we went and had a delicious lunch at the Caddyshack; I believe it was the first time that I had eaten there in my three years of visiting the island.

I was going to return to the beach, but instead I decided to explore one of the hiking trails.

It took me to some excellent secluded spots along the lake, and I saw a spooky house in the woods that reminded me of something out of an 80's horror movie.

I was half expecting a man wielding a machete and wearing a hockey mask to come out after me.

The first show was 3/4 full and the second show had good business.

There was no finale for the second show so everyone could have an easier time getting to the ferry and off the island.

It actually worked wonders, because I had never seen the backyard clear up so quickly on the tight KI lot.

I would have had to wait for awhile, but Raul helped me back up through an open space between two trees.

I still had to wait for awhile for the ferry, but at least my waiting was for something necessary, rather than waiting to get off the lot.

I caught the second boat that showed up after I had arrived. Lake Eerie was very choppy, and the ferry was rocking back and forth like crazy. I'm lucky that I don't get sea sick!

I moved away from the boat's side after getting a face full of the lake. Seconds after seeking safety in my truck, another big wave hit my window.

After arriving at the mainland we still had a 40 mile jump ahead of us to Woodville.

Waiting on Kelley's Island about put me to sleep, and I had a tough time staying awake for the drive.

Naturally, once I got to the lot and crawled into bed, I couldn't get to sleep for a couple of hours!

The last show vehicles got to Woodville around 3:30 a.m. What a long day!

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