Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Island Days

Monday, August 8: Kelley's Island, OH-4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Miles: 60

Lot: Ball Diamond

I was feeling pretty crummy this morning; I am such a lightweight when it comes to carousing!

I joined Ryan on a trip to get coffee; after that and some duck eggs for breakfast, I was feeling much better.

I did some joy riding around the island on my golf cart before meeting Ryan, Tatiana, and Nico at the beach.

A little later I got a text from our friend, Lee Andrews, who came to visit us. I picked him up at the ferry drop off and took him back to the beach.

The Fuscos and Armando's family had arrived while I was gone, and we all went out and played in the lake. It was a lot of fun.

Ryan, Lee, and I had lunch at the Village Pump and discussed a possible show we are putting together for the winter.

The first show was packed; even the extra bleachers that were brought in were full.

I was surprised so many people showed up considering the heat and humidity, but Kelley's Island loves the Kelly Miller Circus! Even if they are sweating like crazy!

The second show was full; I felt my performance was much better in the evening.

After the shows Lee went out to eat with us again at the Village Pump (it's an Island tradition!) before I had to take him to catch the final ferry to the mainland.

After finishing up dinner Ryan, Tatiana, Nico, and I did a lap around a part of the island that we had neglected, and then the Combs family turned in for the night.

I met up with Radar, Elisa and Nikki at the Casino bar to have a night cap. I still went to bed before it was too late.


barry miller said...

Hi Steve:

This is Barry Miller I wrote to you earlier in the season about giving you my collection of Circus Programs.

If all goes as planned we will see you in Ypsilanti this saturday. I don't know where the lot is exactly but I do know the area and I am pretty sure it will not be a Getto like last year.

If they are available we will be setting in the chairs. I'm not hard to miss I am 78 years old and on oxygen 24/7.

See you Saturday


Mindy said...

I grew up vacationing at Kellys Island... Good times! Have been back as an adult a few times since. Did you try a Brandy Alexander from "the pump"??

Steve Copeland said...

See you Saturday!
I have not; guess I know what to try next time!