Friday, August 12, 2011

They All Come Here...They All Find Me...

Thursday, August 11: Point Place, OH-2:00 p.m., 5:30 p.m., and 7:30 p.m.

Miles: 24

Lot: Friendship Park

I once again got myself in a situation where I desperately needed to fill my gas tank, so this morning I had to squeeze into a very tight station to fuel up.

As I was leaving I had maybe an inch or so of clearance on either side of my trailer; at least I DID feel like an awesome driver after maneuvering my way out.

A little farther along on the jump there was a Flying J truck stop. I pulled in to dump my black water tank since it was getting full.

There were about four trailers ahead of me in line, but it was worth the wait!

There were a lot of people on the lot this morning for set up. We were told that the sponsor for Point Place had sold all of their advance tickets; a good thing since we had three shows!

The first show was almost packed, the second show was almost full, and the third show was packed, with even the extra bleachers full. The crowds for the last two shows were excellent.

Someone scheduled the second show where it would end just as the third show was to begin. Whoops!

Even with us moving the second show along at a nice clip, there was still only 15 minutes or so between shows.

They had to hold for about 15 minutes so the tiger arena could get set up, the second crowd could leave, and the third crowd could be seated.

There were a lot of characters wandering around the back yard all day.

One man saw Ryan in drag and told his kid, "That's a pretty clown! I ain't never seen a pretty clown before!"

Ryan's first instinct was to say, "thank you", in his most masculine voice.

Then there was the lady that saw my black duck, Emmie, and after admiring her beautifully colored wings, asked me, "I know this is a stupid question, but did you spray paint your duck?"

It took all my will power not to say, "You're right lady, that is a pretty stupid question!"

Our favorite citizen of Point Place; however, was hands down the man walking around with a cat on his shoulders.

He had a long rope leash on his feline companion, and he sauntered around like he was the (please forgive me) cat's meow.

It also reminded me of this....

....only not as cool.

P.S-Here is a video that John Moss sent me showing set up in Howard City, MI from last year:

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John Goodall said...

Steve, thank you for bring the Toledo Blade series on Kelly-Miller Circus / John Ringling North II to our attention. It was a great series. Hope to catch up with the show in the norehern suburbs of Chicago if you come this way. Saw you guys last year in Libertyville whereI sat with John Cuneo for a show.