Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bo & Bello, Bello & Bo

Friday, September 9: Elmhurst, IL-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Miles: 16

Lot: Sandburg Middle School

We have encountered some horrible roads on these suburban Chicago jumps. I'll be lucky if I don't lose a tire in a pothole!

Alex took me and Ryan to Panera Bread for breakfast. That's how you start a day off right!

Ryan and I did a PR after the tent raising where we did a meet and greet and mini performance for a group of special needs children.

John Moss hosted the event, Carolyn and Gigi presented dog and pony tricks, Joel did some rope spinning, and Ryan and I provided general numbskullery.

It was fun doing some different, slightly improvised material for a change, and the group seemed to receive it well.

Alex started helping us with our website today. I cannot wait until it is done; Ryan and Alex have some incredible ideas as far as page layouts go.

We took a break from work to have lunch at Burger Heaven, a little corner restaurant that my friend Lisa introduced me to last year.

We also checked out a book store a few miles from the lot, but they didn't have anything that I just HAD to buy, especially after spending money at Tim Tegge's mobile store yesterday.

It was a dreary, drizzly day, which didn't help motivate us into getting ready for the shows.

The first performance was almost full, but it was an off show for us. The second show was full, and we were back on our game.

We ordered dinner from Buffalo Wild Wings so we could eat at my trailer and continue to work on the website.

When I went to pick up the wings, I discovered that Alex's car has bad luck with trains.

There was a railroad crossing I had to go past in order to get to the restaurant, but the guards were down and the lights were flashing as if a train was preparing to pass.

I waited for a few minutes, and when there was no train to be seen, I turned onto the street running parallel to the tracks and parked.

I noticed that a train was parked far away from the crossing; despite the fact that it wasn't moving, several crossing points were blocked.

After checking to make sure that the train was indeed stationary, I crossed to go pick up our food.

There are little car statues with different themed paint jobs all over downtown Elmhurst. The one outside Buffalo Wild Wings had a circus/sideshow paint job, and it included several clowns.

Upon closer inspection I realized that they were all Red Show clowns from Ringling's Bo and Bello tour in 2001.

I could pick out Karen Hinrichs, Eddie Medrano, Bryan Fulton, Pamela Ramirez, Mitch Freddes, and Christine Duenas.

Gloin Haven!

Of course, after I picked up our wings, the train started moving again and I had to wait before I could cross back to Alex's car.

Luckily this train was moving a lot faster than the one from last night!

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Anonymous said...

Steve, I may have missed it but I do not remember you saying if you and Ryan will be on the show next year.