Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Cracker Squirm

Friday, September 2: Griffith, IN-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Miles: 33

Lot: St. Mary Church grounds

There were rough roads on this morning's jump; I was afraid my whole trailer was going to jolt apart.

I walked to a cafe that I remembered from two years ago and had breakfast. On my journey I noticed a lot of posters advertising a "Rock 'N Rail" music festival going on all weekend.

Live music, good food, and a beer garden were all promised. Sweet!

My phone's GPS told me there was a laundromat a half mile from the lot, but I walked there first to make sure it was in operation before schlepping a bag full of dirty clothes there. I would have driven, but my truck was blocked in by trailers.

Lucky and Vickie came in to the laundromat while I was there, and the lady behind the counter asked if they were with the circus. When they replied they were, the lady commented on how much she hated clowns.

I sat in silence reading my Stieg Larsson book until Lucky pointed out to the woman that I was a clown.

Afterwards the lady must have felt pretty bad, because she kept giving me excuses for her fear, and she was suddenly very helpful with my laundry.

I didn't really care, I just wanted to be left alone to do my laundry in peace; however, I did find the whole situation a bit funny.

Back at the lot I went over to Ryan's house where he was working on my new agent suit; we spent a couple of hours designing and sewing.

Here is what we came up with:

It is in no way a finished product. The yellow shirt needs more, we just aren't sure what yet.

There was an average sized crowd for the first show, and we did good business for the second show.

All day I was looking forward to going to the music festival downtown, so after we were done with work, Ryan, Radar, Nikki, and I walked there to see what all the hubbub was.

Several blocks were...blocked off (harr harr) to create space for the festival.

There were street vendors set up with different types of food, there was a fenced off area that created the beer garden (or the drunk tank as I referred to it). There was also a stage in the middle of the road with a band playing rock 'n roll covers.

While we were sitting and taking in the music and the crowd, Ryan commented, "No wonder we didn't get anything from the audiences today! A rock concert can't even wake these people up! We didn't stand a freaking chance!"

There were a few people enjoying themselves and dancing; it looked a little something like this:

I can't judge though, I would have looked just as bad or worse!


Clown Stalker said...

Where do you come up with these great videos. I think Jožin z bažin (your sh.. my sh..) is still one of my favorites. Keep up the good work.

Steve Copeland said...

I just have an eclectic taste in videos, I guess.