Monday, September 26, 2011

Stranger Me Like A Kiss

Sunday, September 25: Norwood Park, IL-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Miles: 17

Lot: Norwood Park School Grounds

Today was a dreary day; I didn't really feel like doing anything. I finished reading "KIss Me Like A Stranger" by Gene Wilder; it was a great book that the Kelly family lent to me, and I finished it in just two days.

Both shows today were full. Sam, a young friend of my friends, the Podolksys, was at the first show with his mother, so I went out to visit them during Intermission.

Ryan made new latex clown noses for us (seriously, is there anything the man can't make?), so we were both sporting them today.

The first one he made for me was a little thin, and when I fell on my face in the artist gag, it put a huge dent in the center of the nose.

When Ryan saw me he could not stop laughing for half of the gag. I blew air out of my nostrils until I felt the dent pop back out.

Later in the day Ryan made a thicker nose for me and I didn't have any further problems.

The other silly occurrence of the day was when I wore big foam feet for the horse walkaround.

Ryan made them for a new gag, but to break up the day to day monotony a bit, I decided to break them in. Apparantley I like making things as difficult as possible for myself, because not only did the feet make movement more strenous, I also picked to wear them for the act where I have to run backwards while bent over.

To add to the disasterous gumbo of comedy, the ground was a real ankle breaker, full of lots of holes.

Luckily everything went fine and I won't be drawing disability from the show.

Tim Gault, a local clown that I met several years ago, was at the second show. He caught me as I was loading my ducks into the truck.

We talked briefly, but I had to get on the road to the next town since we were doing a night jump.

The jump was a real pain; I am glad we didn't do it in the morning. There was lots of traffic. stop lights, and bad roads.

Several of us also got caught waiting on a long, slow train to pass.

As soon as I got to the lot I jumped in a truck with Radar and Nikki to get something to eat. We were all starving, and we ate at a great tap room and grill.

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