Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stupid Backlight!

Tuesday, September 20: Somonauk, IL-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Miles: 53

Lot: Community Park

My computer was still succeeding in raising my blood pressure today by not staying backlit.

The small, dead audiences we had for both shows didn't help my humor either.

There was a group of special needs folks at the second show that were having a great time and being very responsive, but they were sitting all the way at the back of the ring.

Backstage Ryan and I lobbied for them to be moved to the front of the ring where their energy could be better appreciated.

The Norths arrived this evening, and halfway through the second show my computer screen decided to stay lit. Huzzah! (Unfortunately it is a problem that will be recurring, because it all starts over again when I have to turn my computer off)

Between the stress from my computer, the dissapointment from the audiences,my achy wrist (from God knows what), and a terrible headache, today wasn't my best day.


Wednesday, September 21: Crete, IL-Day Off

Miles: 94

We couldn't stay in Somonauk today (which is actually a blessing), and we couldn't go to Lockport, the next town, so we ended up driving almost 100 miles back to Crete, where we showed about two weeks ago, so we could have a place to sit for the day.

That threw a monkey wrench in my plans of catching a Metra train in Lockport so I could hang out with friends in downtown Chicago. Oh well, a day off is a day off.

Unfortunately the lot in Crete has nothing to do for miles around, so Ryan and I jumped in my truck and drove to Schererville, IN to run some errands.

We went to Best Buy to consult the Geek Squad on our computer issues (yep, Ryan's Mac is crapping out too), we had lunch, we bought more gag costume fabric at Joann's, and we picked up duck and pig food.

All in all, a productive afternoon!

Kelly Miller rented two big charter buses, and in the evening almost the entire show went to see Universoul Circus about 30 miles away.

I wasn't going to go originally, but since there was nothing else to do, I changed my mind.

I had a lot of fun at the show; it was my first time at Universoul. I thought the tent and lighting system were great, and there were some fantastic acts. My favorites were the Chinese bicycle act, the Russian swing, and the contortionist.

One of my few complaints was the lack of clowning, since when I go to a circus all I want to see is clowns. The rest of the show is filler to me.

Onionhead, the resident clown, did a warm up gag (which Ryan got picked for), and then you didn't see him again for the rest of the show. He wasn't even in finale!

Many thanks to everyone who made the trip to Universoul possible; it made our day off a lot of fun.

(Just to show you how much I care about our fans, I had to type this on a black screen and proof read by flicking the brightness on and off so I would have a second of visibility at a time. I'm lucky I didn't have a seizure!)


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you really do love us. What would we do without you? Wait I do not want to think about that…


Rose said...

You're efforts are well appreciated, Steve.

Its rare that a, lack, of onion can make one cry- but a lack of clown can do that. Fortunately for those attending Kelly Miller: there is no lack of clown or laughs.

I hope your back light and wrist heal soon.