Monday, September 19, 2011

Unite My Electronic Brethren!

Sunday, September 18: Vernon Hills, IL-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

This morning Jeannie Schwieger picked me and Ryan up at the lot at 8:30 a.m. to take us to the radio station where she works in Round Lake Beach.
We were on the air with Jeannie and her cohost, Dennis, who bought my dinner the other night in McHenry.
We managed to plug both the show and ourselves quite a few times in the hour and a half that we were on the air.

Our friends Toto Johnson and Alex Zaprudsky signed in to the station's chat room and joked around with us via the Internet; thank you guys for tuning in, and thank you to every one else that watched and listened.

We had a great time on the radio; many thanks to Jeannie and Dennis for having us on the show. Many thanks also to Jeannie for the delicious mint chocolate chip cookies she baked!

The first show was almost full. Photographer, Jim Koretz, was at the show with his father, so I visited with them during Intermission.

The second show was full. Jeannie and Dennis were in the audience, as well as Gary Podolksy (a 1985 Clown College grad), his wife, and some of their family.
I visited with all of them during Intermission. I was just sorry that they saw Kelly Miller on Ice...let me explain.
It rained all day, and the ring mat becomes very slick when a)wet and b)on top of cement. Everyone had to be especially careful with their footing during the show so as not to break their necks!

All weekend I had been looking forward to having sushi, so after the shows I got cleaned up and went across the street to a restaurant that promised to be a Brazilian steakhouse and sushi...teria?
After being seated, I quickly realized that it was not a place where you could order sushi; rather
sushi was a part of the salad buffet. thanks.

With my heart set on having a nice sit down meal, I settled for Olive Garden.
On the way back to the lot it started raining harder than it had been. I made a detour to stop in Wal Mart for some necessities, and then I had to load up my ducks before I went inside, so I got soaked!

My phone didn't react very well to getting wet (I was texting while I was walking in the rain), and it started going all Linda Blair in "The Exorcist" on me.
Not only that, my laptop decided to join in the electrical anarchy and the screen kept blacking out.

Luckily Gary Podolsky and his wife Ellyn came to the rescue with a tray full of Ellyn's delicious baked goods to soothe my jangled nerves.
Also, once my phone had a few minutes to dry, it began behaving like a productive member of society again.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Steve for a great evening of circus and laughter! You and Ryan are very funny and we enjoyed all the other acts too! No one noticed that it was KM on Ice.

It seems that the very entertaining Steven & Ryan radio interview is still available for viewing here:
Starting at about the 1:27:00 mark of part 3.

Gary Podolsky