Sunday, September 18, 2011

Your Opinion Matters

Saturday, September 17: Vernon Hills, IL-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

This morning I went for breakfast, and then I spent some time making a mental wish list over at Barnes & Noble.

Ryan gave me a call, so I met him and accompanied him over to a Halloween Store, Best Buy, and TJ Maxx where I bought a shirt for a new gag.

Today was sunny and much warmer than yesterday; the first show was about 3/4 full.

During the first half there were dumb people that had disregarded the caution tape and safety cones and were speeding right through the back yard.

That really irritated me since there are circus children and animals constantly walking around backstage.

While we were talking about annoyances, Ryan told me of an occurrence that happened yesterday. While he was out looking at rhinestones and feathers from some guy selling them in the parking lot, a lady pulled up in her car and yelled out the window, "Boo circus! Boo!!!! Go home! We don't want you here! Booooooo!!!!!".

Ryan said he was very tempted to tell the lady (in his most patronizing voice of course), "Good job! You're making a difference! Your opinion matters!"

I found that very funny.

John Moss found me after the first show and told me that Sandy Weber and his family were looking for me. Sandy is on the board of directors for the International Clown Hall of Fame, and he also designed their new logo and website.

He and his family saw the first show and said they had a great time.

We had a full house for the second show, and the audience was good. Mr. Bill Machtel, a former Ringling and Circus World clown, and his family were at the performance.

Afterwards they took me to dinner at an Irish pub where I had a great time picking Mr. Bill's brain about his first few years on Ringling.

We ended up getting our meal for free because the pub's computer was down. Hooray!


No Thyme to Lose said...

My opinion is.... I love your blog!!

Clownstalker said...

Your blog is great, you are great, life is great what could be better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Steve!
We had a fantastic time. I know it's been said before, but you guys are two of the best clowns out there on the road! If your readers haven't seen it, DO NOT miss this show if you are able! We had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Steve & Ryan for making my family believe that real clowns still do exist. Being in the business my boys don't laugh often at clowns. You made them bust out laughing.

Michelle and I also really enjoyed your awesome timeing, sensational character and energy. You guys are funtastic together.

Keep it up and thanks for being so on your blog. It's fun following you all around the country, rain, heat and sunshine.

Thanks again for the wonderful reunion evening.

Mr. Bill Machtel

Steve Copeland said...

My pleasure Mr. Bill; thanks for a great evening.