Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hey everyone,

Since it is a travel day, and in celebration of my birthday, I am taking the day off from blogging.
See you tomorrow!

In the meantime....My friend, Alex Zaprudsky, is an undergraduate researcher at The University of Iowa Department of Communication Studies and is conducting a research study about Circus Fans. The project is still in the process of being approved. Alex will be recruiting participants for his study on my blog, though, so be on the lookout for more detailed information about his study and a link to the survey in the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope to see you soon as you get closer to Dallas. Tell Tavana and Danny I said high
Bill Gowan

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on another year of success!!!
Bob Kitto

Terry said...

Happy Birthday Steve, Hope you had a good day

Harry Kingston said...

Have a great birthday and hope you get tons of gifts.
Thank you for the best electronic route book ever and see you down the circus trail next season on the one ring wonder.
Have a great Holiday season.
Harry in Texas

Anonymous said...

Happy Super BIRTHDAY.

and the season soon draws nigh.

I will miss the Blog

Always in my thoughts and do post as to where and what you will be doing during your "Winter" Season.

Jon Walker
The Square Donut Man
Spencer, Indiana
Kissimmee, Florida
If you get this way this winter the doors always open and a bedroom with bath available. (got a pool too)
We could go park hopping with the mouse.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Steve! We'll be watching for the Circus Fans Survey. :o)

Anonymous said...


Hope you had a great birthday full of the following scores:
1. A free case of Guinness on your doorstep;
2. A walk to an out of the way bookstore at a desolate mall in which there was a magazine rack with 20 obscure, rare circus programs from the 60's and 70's (and complete with some autographs of Lou, Prince Paul, Swede, and Uncle Soapy. A rare auto of Merle Evans and Harold Ronk). Cost? $25 for 5, or all 20 for $40. Uhmmm...sweet!);
3. As you were hurriedly reading the books in a nearby coffehouse you glanced up and on a high perimeter shelf full of artifacts (old coffee and gasoline cans, a sled, a leather baseball mitt, etc) you observed what appeared to be a item which resembled a large slapstick wrapped in brown leather on one side with copper rivets. Upon further inspection it was indeed a slapstick and handcarved on the otherr side it said, "Property of James Plott." Some faint signatures of previous clown alley members Buck Nolan, Elmo Gibbs, Dusty Sadler and ringmaster Count Nicholas are also visible. You asked the young guy behind the register about the slapstick and he went to the owner who was stacking boxes in the rear of the store. The young guy walks up to you and says the owner said to him, "Hell, I was going to throw it away. If he likes it I want at least $15 for it." You pay the $15 and the young guy puts the money in a glass container near the register marked "Save the Ducks."
4. As you walk down the road with your slapstick, 20 rare magazines in a unmarked paper bag, and sipping on the final remnants of your coffee, three nice looking young lasses hang out a window from a passing car and scream "This girl thinks you're cute!"
You feel good, smile back at them and flirt with them, and you feel pretty good about yourself, your looks, your career and sigh saying I am just really fellin' it today.
And then just at the height of this feelin' good, a large banging noise startles you and you wake the hell up and realize you have 10freakin' minutes to get yourself together for the afternoon show...!!!

Nah, Steve, you're a great guy, a nice friend, and a true professional clown. A "Clowns clown." Here's all the best to you and I hope to see you down the road in a few months.
Best regards-
Keith Karas

Steve Copeland said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone, and Keith, thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

I am Dusty Sadler. I love the story. I do remember signing that slapstic. It seemed to be a right of passage to be on the receiving end. James Plott is aka Jimmy James..
And of coarse I hope you had a very Happy Birthday!
Phillip Dusty Sadler