Thursday, October 13, 2011

Avoid the Noid

Wednesday, October 12: Montgomery City, MO-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Miles: 60

Lot: fairgrounds

This morning when I woke up and stumbled out of my trailer, I realized that I was the only one left on the lot!

Apparently everyone moved to solid ground last night in anticipation of a downpour; I didn't get the memo and slept through the whole thing.

It must have rained like crazy during the night, because the ground was absolutely soaked. I was going to be very angry if I got stuck, but luckily I pulled right off the soft, wet grass with no problem.

Once we got to Montgomery City I walked into town to mail a Netflix DVD. The whole downtown was comprised of antique shops.

Ryan, Tatiana, and I checked out one across the street from the lot. I picked up a drinking glass with a Norman Rockwell painting depicted on the side.

It is called "Off Duty Clown", and it depicts a circus clown sitting in a chair, smoking a pipe, and reading the paper; a great find!

Danny came over because Ryan found a treasure chest and powder keg that would be perfect for next year's pirate production.

We did decent business for both shows and the crowds were very responsive.

In the first performance, one of Carolyn's dogs kept running over to Mrs. North and jumping in her lap. Mrs. North spends a lot of time with that dog, and I guess he just wanted to visit with a friend during the show.

Next, at the conclusion of his rope spinning act, Joel ran over and sat in Mrs. North's lap as well.

I really wish I could have seen the whole thing; I bet it was hilarious!

Our friends from the Red Unit Clown Alley, Dustin and Brandon, came to watch the second show along with some of Dustin's family. The Red Show is in St. Louis, so I am glad they were able to come see us.

We visited with them briefly before the performance, and then I ordered pizza from the Domino's right next to the lot so we could eat and visit when we were done with work.

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