Monday, October 10, 2011

Mortal Komquack

Sunday, October 9: Union, MO-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Miles: 76

Lot: Jaycee Fairgrounds

There was a Flying J pretty early in the jump. I stopped to fuel up, dump my tank, and buy oil; I thought that plenty more people would be stopping there too, but I was one of only three vehicles from the show.

While I was fueling up, the pump truck pulled in which let me know that I was at the end of the convoy.

I hurried up and finished so I could get back on the road.

I made good time during the jump and passed a few other show vehicles, so I felt good that I wasn't holding everything up.

The first show today was almost full, and the second show was 3/4 full. Even though there were a few less people, the second audience was much more responsive.

As I was waiting to go on for opening of the second performance, Mariana ran up and told me that my black duck, Emmie, had gotten out of his pen.

I ran over to discover that he had stuck his head into the pen of my white ducks and was engaged in a life or death struggle with my normally docile female duck, Ralph.

They had each other by the throat, so I had to pry them apart, push Ralph away, and then gently extract Emmie's head and neck from the pen.

And now people will know why I have to keep the ducks seperate!

After the shows I joined Radar and his family for dinner. Whenever we go out to eat, we manage to pick restaurants with the worst wait staff.

They all had a good dining experience on Friday night while I was at the Halloween party, so I proposed the hypothosis that I was the bad luck charm.

Tonight's waitress proved without a doubt that I am the weakest link.

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